According to Manpower, the number of employers training and developing existing employees to fill open positions has doubled from 1 in 5 to over half. Now 53 percent offer training and development to existing staff. This makes the most important skill an employee can have…the ability to learn. Browse our new eLearning catalog for courses to help you hire and retain your best possible employees.  

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Your One-Stop Solution to Prevent Hiring Mistakes

Instant Drug Testing

Fast, convenient drug kits for up to 14 drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Background Screening

Job-specific and custom background screening services provide vetted, real-time information employers trust.

Lab Services

Lab testing, confirmation and MRO services provide employers across the country with trusted answers.

Program Management

Policy development and review, legal compliance, training, and drug testing and background screening program management.


Our experts help you stay up-to-date on compliance issues and background screening and drug testing regulations.


The latest in workforce development. Interactive training sessions to educate and motivate employees.


Keep up with the latest news on drug testing, background screening and employment issues.

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What Our Clients Say

“We use Wolfe’s drug kits and lab services for our Butterball enterprise all across the country. We have drug testing vendors coming to us all the time, but Wolfe’s service is good. The pricing is good. Why would we change? It helps us provide a safe work environment for all of our associates.”

Brian Rodgers

Corporate Director of Safety and Risk Management at Butterball