Sexual Misconduct: Stop “Passing the Trash”

For decades, when teachers were removed from schools for sexual misconduct they were allowed to quietly move on to the next school and resume their teaching careers. It is a practice so common it was referred to as “passing the trash.”

This month Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite Connecticut boarding school, released a report that described how men at the school who were accused of sexually abusing students were allowed to continue teaching at the school. Two men may have abused students at other schools.

This report comes after articles have appeared all over the world documenting cases where teachers have abused students and then moved on to do the same elsewhere. How do we stop this from happening? One of the best ways is background screening. It doesn’t stop the first case, but it can make the first case, the last case.

Every teacher, administrator, coach, and volunteer should be screened for previous criminal or sexual misconduct. The screen should be based on real-time data and not only national and local criminal records, but international records as well. It bears repeating often that caring for someone else’s children is a huge responsibility and must not be taken lightly.

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Read more about the Choate report and “Passing the Trash” in the New York Times here.