Sexual Abuse in USA Gymnastics

Over the past year, I’ve written several posts about sexual abuse in schools.  There’s no reason a school should hire someone who hasn’t had their background screened, to work with children. The same goes for anyone, in any industry, who works with kids. Giving someone that kind of responsibility, with that kind of authority, requires vetting. This includes any organization charged with the care of children.

In late winter, the story broke about how young gymnasts were abused by a USA Gymnastics doctor, Dr. Larry Nassar. Since the first story was published, hundreds of young women have come forward to claim sexual abuse since Nassar joined the sports governing body in 1996. The President of USA Gymnastics has since resigned and Dr. Nassar is now in jail facing criminal charges. Another institution that was charged with shaping children has fallen from grace.

Background checks can’t always prevent the first instance of abuse, but screening can certainly prevent someone with a history of abuse, of any kind, from having access to a group of children. As I’ve written before, the stakes are too high to not take every measure to prevent this kind of thing in your school, church, sports league or extracurricular activity.

Read the lastest story regarding USA Gymnastics in People Magazine. 

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