7 Tips for Running Employee Background Checks

Hiring the wrong person can hurt your business. It costs time and money to hire and train an employee and even more to replace the wrong employee. Not to mention the potential liability should they be careless or dishonest. Background screenings can’t prevent every problem but they can help you disqualify candidates who aren’t a good fit for your business. It’s an investment that can pay off in spades. Here are seven tips to consider when conducting pre-employment background checks:

  • Don’t discriminate. Interview the candidates first and only screen the ones you are considering for the job.
  • Follow the law: Inform the applicant of their rights. Have the employee read and sign a release form. Provide them with a copy of the results.
  • Know the laws: They vary based on location. Each city and state and company has its own rules. When in doubt, check with the company’s legal counsel.
  • Do a broad and thorough search that considers more than one category of information. Checking education, employment and driving records can all give a fuller picture of the candidate than running a single criminal background check or getting DMV records.
  • Communicate with the candidate. Mistakes and misinformation can easily be cleared up with a conversation.
  • Locate patterns. A single bad act doesn’t necessarily define someone’s character. But a pattern of reckless or unethical behavior makes for an unqualified candidate.
  • Use a professional agency. They’ll do a far better job of locating the information you want and vetting the records so you don’t have to.

Wolfe is a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. We offer job-specific and custom background screening services to ensure you hire the best, most qualified candidate. We’re ahead of the pack in background screening. Already convinced?

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