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Hiring the wrong person wastes time and money and could jeopardize the hard-earned reputation of your company. Not only that, there are liability issues to consider. At WOLFE, we believe you should trust, but verify. That’s why we offer background checks based on real-time information, and federal, state, county and local records and customized plans to fit your hiring needs. And, our FCRA-certified staff can help you with compliance.

3 Questions for Your Background Screening Company.

background screening

WOLFE’S New Quick App Pro

Great for screening tenants or volunteers, QuickApp Pro streamlines the background screening application process by using a simple, fully customizable application form. Applicants authorize the screening, pay for it with a credit card, and enter their own information. What could be easier?

Reduce errors. Save time. Minimize costs.


Collect background check applications online.


Online applications are uploaded in real time.


Option to have applicants pay for background check with a credit card.


We collect the sensitive personal information.

Our Clients Love E-Verify

WOLFE’S integrated E-Verify and electronic I-9 forms automate the employment eligibility process

  • Instant “Right to Work” status
  • Prevent alien workforce fines
  • Reduce data entry on I-9 form
  • Store I-9 forms electronically

Our WOLFE Platform offers a complete and comprehensive suite of background screening, drug testing, E-Verify, and compliance administration, all-in-one-system.

Does your background screening policy violate FCRA?

Do you disclose to the applicant, clearly and conspicuously, that a consumer report will be obtained for employment purposes?

Do you provide the applicant with the information in their file?

Do you give the applicant an opportunity to dispute inaccurate and incomplete information?

What is adverse action?

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The Benefits of Background Screening

Reduce Turnover Rates

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in turnover costs

Minimize Theft and Fraud

Background screening can reduce employee theft and fraud by nearly 48 percent

Manage your risk

Improve workplace safety and reduce liability costs

Protect your reputation

A bad hire can hurt your relationship with your customers or cause embarrassing publicity.

What Our Clients Say

“Since we started using Wolfe background screening, we’ve seen our turnover rate cut in half. The managers and supervisors love the program because the people we hire are staying longer. And in this business, the person standing behind the counter is where our success is.”

Tom Tucker

EZ Stop Food Marts

For nearly 30 years employers have chosen WOLFE as their background screening provider.