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Program Management

Who cares about your peace of mind?

Do your drug testing and background screening programs work in harmony to minimize risk and meet all legal requirements? Are they easy to manage? If not, we can help. In addition to drug testing and background screening products, we offer program development, review, and management services. It’s a hassle-free, workforce-optimizing experience. Our Trusted Answers. Your Peace of Mind.

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WOLFE’S Policy Review

With laws and regulations constantly changing, you may have questions about how well your drug
testing and background screening policy is working. Our policy review can help you answer important questions:

Who should you test and how often?

What substances should you test for?

Instant tests? Lab services? Or both? Find out what’s right for your workplace.

What background screens should you choose for your company?

How do you stay compliant with FCRA?

How do I manage my Adverse Action program?

Background Screening

From entry level to executives, and from domestic to international, WOLFE offers comprehensive customized background screening solutions that meet all of your needs for workplace protection. Got a compliance concern? We’re happy to review best practices and work with you to create customized solutions.

Bundle background screening services for a reduced rate or customize your plan with à la carte pricing.

Background Screening Services

Drug Testing

WOLFE has nearly 30 years of experience managing federally regulated and non-regulated drug testing programs and operates in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations.

From ordering supplies and lab confirmation to a policy review, let us help you manage your drug testing program.

Instant Drug Testing Overview

Legal Compliance


With new guidelines from the EEOC and ever-changing laws and regulation under FCRA, WOLFE keeps you up-to-date and compliant. Does your background screening program violate FCRA?

Find out here


Whether you have 1 employee or 1000, WOLFE provides a hassle-free, one-stop shop for your DOT needs. We manage your MVR and employment verification requirements and our constant focus on your Random Testing compliance means no more end-of-the-year, “Got to Catch Up” nightmares. If the worst happens, we’ll quickly find you a collection site for post-accident testing. Finally, our certified Medical Review Officer has over two decades of experience providing medical review for DOT-compliant tests. Read more about Dr. Owensby.


Adjudication and Adverse Action

Let WOLFE manage your adverse action plan. We send out FCRA compliant letters to any applicant denied employment. We can also handle any dispute process.

Adverse Action


Medical Review is an important part of any drug testing program. WOLFE recommends a medical review by one of our Medical Review Officers (MROs) any time an employee test is positive. A medical review is required for all drug tests in industries regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Work Flow


WOLFE clients love using QuickApp to streamline the background screening application process by using a simple, fully customizable application form. Send the application link to the applicant and let WOLFE do the rest. QuickApp reduces your exposure to discrimination lawsuits and identity theft and helps maintain compliance with FCRA mandated disclosures and releases. What could be more hassle-free?

Your Day to Day Testing

WOLFE makes your daily testing tasks go smoothly. With over 10,000 collection sites across the country, we can help you find one near you. Need to pre-schedule and authorize a test? We can help with that too. And we can customize the process to meet your needs including eChains of Custody. If you do your own collections we’ll provide the supplies. Results reporting is set up to ensure only authorized staff see them.

Ongoing Monitoring

Annual or Monthly

For some companies, background screening is an ongoing process. WOLFE’s DOT clients require an annual screening of driving records and some organizations require annual background screening. Clients can also enroll their employees in WOLFE’s criminal recording monitoring service, which reports any criminal activity on a monthly basis.

Random Selections

Random screening is an effective way to reduce absenteeism and on-the-job injuries. WOLFE’s software uses a random selection algorithm with a proven and complex system called Randsel Tracking, tested extensively to ensure that this solution is free from bias and is tamperproof.

At WOLFE We’re Always Asking!!!

“What more can I do?”

WOLFE has a national client with locations in every state operating every day of the year. For WOLFE that means high volume screening with requests coming in 7 days a week. Which is great, right? We customized their background screening program to make it as hassle-free as possible and provided a dedicated account manager, someone they could call with questions, someone with ideas for streamlining their hiring process: Carolyn Tingle.

  • We staggered schedules to accommodate their West Coast business hours.
  • We created an on-call rotation for after hours, weekends, and holidays, and provided those staff with a cell phone and laptop.
  • We customized our technical support for their managers needing help with passwords, access to reports, and other mission-critical tasks.
  • We review applicant records and approve or decline them for hire using the client’s criteria, streamlining the client’s hiring process.


Carolyn Tingle