The story of a rogue employee—and better background screening

To illustrate the importance of proper and thorough background screening, let’s look at a scenario adapted from a real case. Imagine that Jane Doe applies for your open customer service position with responsibilities that require access to customer financial information. You run a national criminal database search and a criminal search of the county that Jane lives in, both under her current name, plus credit reports and a Social Security trace. The service you have used for this background check does not include running aliases or searches from previous addresses. The information comes back with no problems, revealing that she has lived in three states within the last seven years under two different names. Cleared for the hire, she begins working for you.

After just six months, complaints come in from customers who believe their financial information is being compromised. You investigate and learn that Jane has been using your customers’ credit card information to order items for herself and have them delivered to a masked post office box.

Of course, you terminate her employment immediately. But what legal and financial liabilities has this situation caused for your company? What will it cost your organization in dollars and reputation?

Thorough background screening is critical to protect your business from adverse situations such as the one in the case above—and it pays for itself in several ways: You have peace of mind knowing that you have hired the right person for the job. You limit your liability and boost workplace safety and security. And you save the turnover cost of replacing a rogue employee.

WOLFE has in-depth knowledge and expertise in background screening and how to conduct it according to needs and requirements across regions, states, industries and job types—nationally and internationally.

And WOLFE has just made it easier and more cost effective for you to secure the right background screening services for your business. We have introduced new industry-specific background screening packages to help your organization make informed hiring decisions for every position, from entry-level employees to top executives.

Implement background screening tailored to your industry and custom requirements:

  1. WOLFE CrewCHECK – General labor and manufacturing
  1. WOLFE TransitCHECK – Transportation
  1. WOLFE RetailCHECK – Retail
  1. WOLFE HealthProCHECK – Health care professionals
  1. WOLFE CredentialCHECK – Education and training verification
  1. WOLFE MoneyCHECK – Financial services and money-handling employees
  1. WOLFE GameCHECK – Gaming industry employees
  1. WOLFE ServiceCHECK – Schools, churches and volunteer organizations
  1. WOLFE CustomCHECK – Customized, à la carte background screening packages

Contact WOLFE at 1-800-230-2991 for details about best practices, industry-specific packages and customized solutions for your background screening needs.

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