Are YOU responsible for Keeping Us Safe?

 How did you get to work today? Maybe you rode a bicycle, motorcycle, bus or a car.  You know the roads are clogged with vehicles of every type and we assume people will drive safely. Of course, everyone knows that is not necessarily the truth. Some drivers are dangerous. But what can you do about that?


Not much – other than be hyper-vigilant and make sure you are alert and careful while you are out on the road.


What about hopping on that airplane for a family vacation? What about your business trip to another state for an important meeting? You get on that plane assuming the pilots have been qualified and that the appropriate agencies are carefully monitoring their every action.


We live on assumptions – assuming that the bus driver or the 18 wheeler are going to be alert and careful. We causally get on that plane – assuming the pilots and attendants are well trained and always monitored. Our entire lives are totally dependent on various forms of transportation and most of the time, we will arrive safely at our destination. But how does that happen? Who ensures our safety?


It takes many levels of service providers to safely keep these forms of transportation in the air, on land or sea. For example, aviation employers are required to ensure safety-sensitive functions are covered at the contractor and the subcontractor level and all additional levels.  Everyone that provides maintenance, paints the aircraft, removes the seats for cleaning, wires the aircraft for satellite or assembles components are all performing safety-sensitive functions.


Often these contractors are small businesses or a single contractor, much like an owner/operator. No matter the size of the service provider, these support service agents are required to follow the FAA’s 14 CFR Part 120. If you are one of those who has some responsibility for safety in the transportation industry, we know you take that very seriously. We assume you want to stay abreast of ever changing regulations and aware of the latest and best products/ services to make your work more effective. But this can be a time consuming and stressful process.


At WOLFE, Inc, we understand. Our comprehensive FAA consortium provides a solid, turn-key solution that can be customized to your needs. Let WOLFE work with you in every area –  from policy, training, testing, procedures and audit preparedness. No matter your area of concern – WOLFE has a solution.


For additional information or to ask questions, please contact :1-800-230-2991 or sales@wolfeinc.com.



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