How did the Background Screen Process fail in the Navy Yard Shooting Incident?

Can you identify high risk in your workforce

According to an article published in SHRM(http://www.shrm.org/hrdisciplines/safetysecurity/articles/pages/employment-screening-fail-navy-yard-shooting.aspx)  Aaron Alexis, who officials say shot and killed 12 people and injured eight others on Sept. 16, 2013, at the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., had his federal security clearance renewed just two months before the rampage, despite reports of his psychological problems and being arrested for offenses involving guns.

Alexis’ ability to pass the government’s security-check system has prompted questions of how background checks are conducted and how long a security clearance is valid without review.

Once an employee is hired, does an employer know when that employee may become a risk in the workforce?

One way to avoid the unanswered question is to implement a monitoring program that is ongoing to all employees.


Wolfe now offers a Criminal Monitoring program. This program is a highly-advanced post-hire screening solution that monitors enrolled employees on an ongoing basis, alerting you to new criminal record information as well as changes to existing records.

Employers rely upon this ongoing monitoring to:                          


  • Proactively identify risk post-hire                              
  • Reduce their exposure to liability
    • Risk to negligent retention claims
    • Workplace violence
    • Loss due to internal shrinkage
    • Public embarrassment through negative publicity


The monitoring solution set includes nine unique product offerings, providing virtually limitless flexibility to build a custom monitoring solution around what’s important to you. Monitoring solutions include our industry-leading National Criminal Information Scan®, real time arrest record information through FirstAAlert™ and seven other powerful business intelligence and risk mitigation services.

All monitoring programs can be customized to fit your company’s unique needs.


Watch for your invitation to our free webinar on Monitoring on Oct 8. 



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