All Background Screens are not the same.

If you are cutting cost you may be putting your organization, your employees, your clients and your good name at risk.  Most multi-state data base searches for criminal records leave many gaps not giving you the best information that you could get to evaluate your candidates for hire. 

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, it was reported that the share a ride companies in that city thought they were doing their due diligence when it was discovered that many employees past felonies were missed on the multi state national database criminal record check that they were doing.  See article here:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/watchdog/ct-rideshare-background-checks-met-20140214,0,3099755.story?page=1&r=NO_VALUE


A good thorough county search is the best search to partner with your statewide and multistate national database search in getting to the real truth about your applicant’s past records. A county search is the most current and accurate of all criminal record searches.

Consider allowing Wolfe to run an evaluation of your program to ensure that you have the best program in place for your organization.  Contact an Employer Solution Specialist at 1.800.230.2991 or background@wolfeinc.com . 


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