3 Questions You Should Ask Your Background Screening Company



How current is the information?

Many companies depend on a database that’s updated weekly, every few weeks, or worse, once a month. If a felony occurred a week before the background screening, it wouldn’t be in the record. The best companies provide real-time information that can tell you everything you need to know about a candidate.

Does the company vet every record?

It’s not uncommon for a company to provide the data on a candidate in what we call a “net data dump.” They give you all the records and expect you to double-check every incident yourself. The best companies vet every record before they provide you with the information. Make sure you know what you’re getting when you hire a company to do pre-employment or continuous background screening. 

Does their background check include county and state records?

If it doesn’t, you could be missing some vital information. Wolfe background screening includes county and state records and is as good as walking into the courthouse yourself to get the most up-to-date information.

Remember, your hiring decision is only as good as the information you based it on.

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