Background Screening Services Available at Wolfe Inc.

What search is best for my company?

wolfe background screening

With so many different background screening options available, we wanted to take some time to go over the most commonly used services we offer at Wolfe Inc. First is a social security trace with is verified based upon the applicant’s social security number for all alias names and past address history. This search is drawn from a history of loans, mortgages or housing leases/rentals, utilities and criminal records with almost an instant turnaround time.

Motor Vehicle Reports or MVR’s showcase an applicant driving abstract history which is vital if they are driving for DOT or have a company vehicle. The information provided by each state differs per their laws.  MVR results are reported to the client exactly as each state reports.  At Wolfe, we offer this service during both pre-employment and on a monthly or quarterly basis, the amount of times we screen MVR’s is fully customizable to what the company needs and wants.

Credit screenings consist of a credit and financial history records consisting of active accounts, collections, bankruptcy, and other history drawn from various credit bureaus. If your company is hiring for an upper level management positive or a positive that deals with money or accounting, we highly recommend running a credit screen on the applicant because it will show any red flags for fiduciary responsibility.

County searches are the best search available for real time criminal records which consists of local district and municipal courts. This search gives you a snapshot of your candidate’s criminal history at a county level. At Wolfe, we can customize this search to include 7 years of history and we can literally search every county the applicant has lived in over the last 7 years in all 50 states. This can be a more time-consuming search due to some counties not having active online search availability, so an actual person must go to the county courthouse to vet records. In North Carolina, the state requires all counties to submit their records daily, so the state-wide database is updated every evening for instant results.

State searches as stated above encompass an entire state meaning the state administrator of courts and/or repository. This search gives your company a snapshot at the candidate’s criminal history at the state level. But as we mentioned earlier, some states and counties require background screening companies like Wolfe to send people to county courthouses to physically search their records. But some states including NC update their state databases daily, it’s really state dependent.

Federal searches encompass everything brought on by the US Courts, meaning charges brought on by the US government. One of the common questions we get at Wolfe is “If I do a federal screen will that cover the state and county levels”? NO, it won’t, the federal search only finds charges brought on by the US government, so you would also need to do the state and county searches to get a full overview of the applicant.

Verification searches come in a wide variety and Wolfe is proud to offer multiple services under this category. Employment verification showcases your applicants’ work history and education verification verifies your applicants’ high school and college records. Professional and personal references are both vetted at Wolfe, the applicant provides references and the experts at Wolfe will call each reference for verification. If your applicant has a professional license, Wolfe can vet that license through State Boards which would include up-to-date disciplinary actions and sanctions against your candidate. Workers Compensation searches are done through the State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations which give you a history of the applicants’ accidents and claims.