Oral Fluid Drug Testing

A simple solution for a complex world

quantisal oral fluid device

With an estimated 10 million to 12 million drug users in the workplace, drug testing is crucial to maintaining a drug-free workplace. The US Department of Labor estimates that between $129 billion and $180 billion dollars are lost yearly due to productivity loses from drug use. Drug users are said to be 33% less effective than their co-workers and on average cost an employer between $7,000 and $15,000 annually.

Oral fluid drug testing is ideal for collecting/testing for a multitude of reasons. It is completely observable; meaning you can watch the donor provide the sample, there are no privacy concerns unlike urine specimens, less set-up time, collector gender isn’t a concern and you don’t have to hear the dreaded “I can’t use the bathroom” statement anymore.

Oral fluid drug testing saves time while increasing productivity of the collector with less setup and waiting time. This method is also ideal for post-accident testing because it can detect current drug use with a window of detection of 12-24 hours.

With a simple collection process, there is a reduced risk of adulteration and/or substitution because you can visibly watch the donor provide the sample.

     1. First the donor rinses their mouth with water and waits 10 minutes.

     2. Place the collector under the tongue and wait for the indicator window to turn blue indicating that is saliva quantity is sufficient.

     3. Uncap the transport tube in a upright position and hold the tube in your hand.

     4. Insert collector into the uncapped transport tube.

     5. Snap the cap firmly for transport. Seal with the security seals from the coc form.

     6. Ship to the lab for testing. It’s that easy and that simple.

Over the last few years, oral fluid drug testing has made leaps and bounds. Oral fluid testing is much harder to dilute, substitute, and adulterate as compared to urine specimens. DID YOU KNOW that over 75,000 websites have advice on beating a urine-based drug test?

Providing a consistent volume is crucial and vital to obtaining the best results which is why the donor must place the collector under their tongue until the indicator window turns blue. This allows for consistent results time after time. We have multiple partners including Keystone Labs that can now administer 45 panel tests.