Wolfe Inc. Debuts New HRIS Software

Background Screening

Wolfe Inc. Debuts New HRIS Software February 14, 2023 Wolfe Inc. Debuts New HRIS software For the Benefit of Small and Mid-sized Businesses Wolfe Inc., headquartered out of Concord, NC with offices across North Carolina, announced today that their multidisciplinary software, WolfeOne, has expanded to now include HRIS functionality for HR departments. Wolfe was recently […]

Why It’s Essential To Implement Fentanyl Testing In Schools

Fentanyl Testing

The Importance of Proper Background Checks For School Staff, Teachers and Volunteers March 5, 2023 Is Fentanyl Testing Essential In Schools? Pause, and for a moment, think about the 56,516 fentanyl overdose deaths in 2020. Fentanyl has become a nightmare to society, contributing to deaths, respiratory depression, sedation, comas, and addiction. This opioid is similar […]