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Wolfe offers your company timely and accurate background screenings so you know who you are hiring before you hire them. With over 30 years of exceptional employer solutions, Wolfe can ensure the person you hire is a person you can trust.

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At Wolfe, we know that one background screening package doesn't fit every industry or every position within an industry. That's why we offer custom packages and pricing built specifically for your organization. Let's create the custom background screening program that works best for your company.


Criminal Record Screening


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  • Reduce errors, save time, and minimize costs
  • Conveniently collect applications online
  • Maintain FCRA compliance
  • Real-time processing of online applications
  • Compatibility across all devices and browsers
  • Outsource the collection of sensitive personal information

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“We like using Wolfe because of value and speed. We do a lot of backgrounds and they need to be accurate and returned quickly. Your system is easy to use and fairly quick. The staff is helpful and quick to respond with any questions. Wolfe’s website is easy to use. We employ many people who have lived all over the country. In most cases, I can get a return on a background within 12-24 hours. Some I can get back almost instantly. If I have any issues, they’re only a phone call away and eager to resolve whatever it is.”

- Susan, Current Customer

Why Wolfe?

Most organizations want to hire and retain the best employees, but not every organization has the right tools to achieve that. Wolfe Inc. offers powerful solutions, including vetted background screening and timely drug testing so you can hire and retain your best employees with confidence.

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