Custom Plans


At Wolfe, we don’t believe one background screening package fits every industry or every position within an industry. That’s why we offer custom packages and pricing. Let’s create the custom background screening program that works best for your company.


Trace of an applicant’s Social Security Number for all alias names and address history. This ensures your search is thorough and accurate. It tells you if your applicant is authorized to work in the United States.
WOLFE can pull motor vehicle records from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada. Both standard and CDL searches can be returned instantly. Years of history vary by state. State Access Fees available upon request.


The national comprehensive is a database search of local and county entities including state administrators of courts, departments of corrections, and local and state police. Some data is updated daily, some monthly. WOLFE does not provide this as a stand-alone product, but it is valuable in conjunction with a more thorough county or statewide search.
The Government Watchlist/Terror Watchlist is a database search of the most recent information provided on the National OFAC and Terror watchlists including the FBI and Interpol most-wanted lists.
This is a search of all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Guam for any registered sex offender. Listings are updated monthly.
Statewide criminal records are in real-time and obtained from the state administrators of the courts where available. In states that don’t allow public access of state records, we recommend breaking your search down county by county.
County records are hand-searched from the local county courthouses. WOLFE provides a real-time result in single-county searches as well as those that cover up to seven years’ address history.
Federal records are hand-searched from the US District courts for convictions from charges brought by the US Government.
WOLFE offers a system to detect criminal activity by current employees. This automated criminal activity monitoring service can protect you from undue risk and liability. It performs recurring automated searches of nationwide criminal databases, cross-referenced to employee data. It is an easy, affordable way to uncover such records regularly without ordering repeated background checks each month. It is also an excellent tool for organizations that have a volunteer force.
WOLFE offers comprehensive background history checks and criminal record searches from around the world including but not limited to Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America and North America.


WOLFE has a professional staff that can obtain employment verifications at any level, both domestic and international. Our well-trained staff can bring back information ranging from executive references to DOT questions.
Using a standard or customized questionnaire, we can also verify the credentials of any professional or personal reference.
The professional referencing team at WOLFE can obtain education verifications from GED and high school to the highest level.
This search is critical when a particular professional designation is claimed and is necessary for job performance, job description, or credibility. WOLFE can verify and validate the status of a license in any state. We attempt to verify the applicant’s license, certification or credentials, the date of issue, expiration date and status with the issuing authority, as well as the verifier name, title, and website information.
Credit records are searched for a history of financial activity such as public records (including bankruptcy), collection, late payment history, positive payment history, inquiries on both credit and employment, and general account information. This service is recommended for any potential employee who will have fiduciary responsibilities.
This is a comprehensive national search of the disciplinary action database for the medical professional community, including records related to the American Medical Association (AMA), Medicare and Medicaid.
This service provides a thorough search for Medicare/Medicaid sanctions as well as all government disbarment and exclusionary lists of healthcare professionals from the Office of Inspector General (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Debarments, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Tri-Care (Formerly Champus).

All with the convenience of Quick App!

Our new app helps you reduce errors, save time, and minimize costs.

  • Collect background check applications online
  • Mandated background check disclosures and authorization/release forms help you maintain compliance with FCRA
  • Online application is uploaded in real-time for processing on InstaScreen
  • Option to have applicants pay for their own background check with credit card
  • Outsources the collection of sensitive personal information to WOLFE