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Criminal Background Services

A criminal background check allows the employer to properly determine whether they want to bring  that applicant into the organization. It’s important to use caution in determining the people you hire, which is why closely reviewing each applicant closely is highly recommended. For this reason, Wolfe’s PBSA accredited background screening services will give your organization peace of mind and confidence in selecting the right candidate for the job

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Wolfe Inc. is PBSA accredited! This means that the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), has awarded us for our excellence in the background screening industry. PBSA-certified companies demonstrate only the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and accuracy within the background screening industry. Overall, with Wolfe Inc. being PBSA-certified, you can rest assured that you’ve partnered with a trustworthy and reputable organization!

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Wolfe’s in-house background research team is here to assist you every step of the way. We tailor our services to the needs of your  organization by offering:

  • Wide selection of search options to meet specific industry requirements
  • Timely search results to meet stringent deadlines
  • Compliance with organizational and legal requirements
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Wolfe's Comprehensive Criminal Background Services

Explore Our Range of Service Offerings

County Civil Records Search

A County Civil Record Search gives your organization insight on an applicant by detailing potential criminal history.

Federal District Court Search

A Federal Court Search is conducted when an organization needs information that is otherwise unavailable through the country or state level.

National Alias Report

National alias reports play a crucial role in maintaining national security by tracking individuals who may be using multiple identities.

Statewide Criminal Records Search

Statewide criminal record searches are essential in making decisions about potential employees, ensuring the safety and security of organizations.

Sex Offender Registry Searches

Sex offender registry searches are of paramount importance in safeguarding communities and protecting vulnerable populations.

County Criminal, Felony, & Misdemeanor

County, criminal, felony, and misdemeanor searches are crucial for maintaining a safe workplace by providing criminal history information.

International Criminal Searches

International criminal searches are important for organizations that may employ individuals from different countries.

Social Media Searches

Social media has become prevalent in many people’s lives, and because of the various online outlets, social media background searches have become more mainstream.

Criminal Activity Monitoring

Criminal activity monitoring allows for proactive detection and prevention of potential threats within an organization.

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