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Criminal Record Screening

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Get The Criminal Record Screening That Protect Your Company

Criminal Record Screening is a process that most employers need to ensure they are hiring the top candidate. Everyone would agree that hiring an employee is a large investment, as the employer not only spends on training and onboarding them but it also utilizes numerous company resources in the entire process. That is why a company has to make the right decision when it is about hiring its employees. When employee criminal record screening is conducted, it helps the organization to have a safe and secure work environment.

These days, the majority of companies go for record screening. However, many still don’t go for it, which can be a concern. Wolfe, Inc. is among the top providers of efficient and cost-effective employee criminal record screening services. We can access employees’ criminal records in all parts of the United States. It doesn’t matter what position you are offering; you will get peace of mind with our criminal record search process.

What Is Criminal Record Screening?

It is good for any organization to know what pre-employment criminal record checking and background screening mean. Criminal record checking is the process through which an individual’s criminal history is determined. Such type of information can be obtained from a number of sources. These sources include court records, law enforcement agencies as well as intelligence databases.

Criminal record screening is important for any organization for several reasons. Regarding pre-employment, the checks help the companies ensure that the individual to be hired is the right one for the company. It helps determine that there are no criminal charges on the record of that individual.

Why Are Criminal Record Checks Important?

The main priority of any organization is to maintain a comfortable and safe work environment for its employees. When a company hires a new employee without going for criminal record screening assistance, it is never able to know what kind of individual it is hiring. When a wrong employee is hired, there are chances that the company may even expose its own employees to a situation that might be dangerous. This can even put the company’s growth at risk.

However, when the company is aware of the criminal charges or the convictions about the applicant’s record, then it becomes easy to make the right choices. This way, the employer remains careful during the hiring process. Through these checks, it can keep the work environment safe for the employees.

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When you use our criminal record search services, you can be sure of having a reduced turnaround time. Other than that, Wolfe, inc. also guarantees comprehensive results for all our searches of employee records. These will help you to identify any risks during the hiring process. It will also help safeguard the reputation of your organization and also protect all the assets of your company.

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How Wolfe Helps You with Criminal Record Checks?

What Information is Required for Pre-Employment Record Screening?

In order to conduct background record check of a company's employees, we ask the employers to get written consent from the candidates. Other than that, collecting their first, middle, and last name will be required. The correct date of birth, Social Security Number (SSN) or Government ID, and the residential address for the past seven years would also be a requirement.

As an employer, you have to make sure that you have complete information on the criminal background of the job applicant. Our criminal screening service covers all the district courts of the United States so that it can suit your individual budget and needs. Conducting criminal record checks of new employees has its own importance. This is because, as an employer, you are responsible for your business and employees.

County and statewide Criminal Records Search

When we talk about beginning the employee background checks for our customers, it always begins with the county and statewide records search. Wolfe makes sure that it looks for the felony and misdemeanor convictions for the past seven years. Although it depends on the state, when we go for the statewide search, we are able to reveal all the convictions on the state level. It is worth mentioning that it can include special cases and warrants from other states.

Federal Criminal Records Search

There is a possibility that we are able to see some serious conviction levels on the federal level.  One may not be able to find these results during a county or statewide search. It includes drug trafficking, fraud as well as embezzlement. Wolfe helps to make sure that it conducts proper criminal background searches of the applicants through the federal criminal record screening service.

Federal, State, and County Civil Record Search

Wolfe is also there to help its customers with the search reports brought against or by the candidates in the county, state, or federal court. As we are perfectionists. Therefore, we will put out all our efforts to ensure you get the most thorough investigation possible. This way, you will be able to focus on the individual who is the right fit for your organization.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Out of different types of background screenings, the sex offender registry search has its own importance. Wolfe conducts screening throughout the country. This is because if we search only in the state where the company is located, then we will not be able to provide full details regarding the background of the employee. By conducting a thorough sex offender registry search, we are able to help the companies determine whether the candidate is a sex offender or not. It helps employers to make informed decisions. We understand that hiring such individuals can lead to serious consequences.

Accessing Through the Database

When going for a new hire, many employers would like to have added peace of mind. Therefore, they would want not only the local criminal history of the candidates but also the possible convictions within the country. As an employer, you don't have to worry about it because Wolfe, Inc. has access to a huge criminal database that includes criminal records in all the states. Screening also includes millions of pictures on file.