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Employee Drug Testing – How to Prepare and What to Expect

Employee Drug Testing

Employee drug testing is critical for many businesses and organizations. It can improve efficiency, increase profits, and reduce costs. To ensure informed decisions, businesses should know what to look for in employee testing.

Various types of employee drug tests are available, each with differing levels of detection. Urine tests are typically used for routine screening due to their affordability and accuracy. Hair and blood tests, on the other hand, provide more detailed results but at a higher cost. Saliva tests detect recent drug usage but are not as effective at detecting long-term usage.

Before an employee takes a drug test, they must understand the regulations and laws surrounding the testing. It is also important they understand how drugs affect the body’s systems. Some tests will only detect drugs and alcohol for a short period of time, while other tests can detect up to 90 days.

Understanding What Happens If You Fail a Drug Test

Employers and employees should understand the consequences of failing a drug test. These can include disciplinary action and termination in some cases. This information should be found in the employers’ policies regarding testing. Be sure you take the time to understand what will result if you fail a drug test. Keep in mind that there are very few inaccurate tests these days as the labs have sophisticated machines. These machines can not only detect small traces of various drugs, but they can also detect when samples have been tampered with.  

Here at Wolf, Inc., we provide the most accurate results possible. This gives both employees and employers peace of mind that their results will be true and precise. There are some things that should be disclosed at the time of testing, such as herbal supplements and any medications. These could lead to inaccurate test results. However, this is very rare. Furthermore, if you are taking prescription medications that might show up on the test, you should be sure to disclose them. Check with your company’s policy on those matters or speak to their HR representative. 

The Type of Drug Testing Available

There are two main categories: pre-employment and post-employment drug testing. Pre-employment drug tests are conducted prior to employing someone to determine whether they abused drugs and alcohol in the past or if they are taking any prescription medications that might harm their job performance. Post-employment drug tests can be conducted regularly during an employee’s stay at a company. This ensure ongoing compliance with the company’s substance use guidelines.

In order to be adequately prepared for either type of test, employees must understand everything about the process. Communication is key. Employees should know which types of drugs may be screened as part of the test. It’s also important to know how long results will take before being reported back from Wolfe Inc. Remember privacy and confidentiality are key to this entire process. We at Wolfe Inc. take privacy very seriously and follow all the necessary rules and regulations regarding drug testing. Our team of experts will confidently provide you with accurate results. Give us a call at 800-230-2991 today. 

What to Expect as a Business Owner 

It’s also vital for companies to know what to expect when it’s time for results. Typically, laboratories report back within 24 hours, but this may vary depending on the volume at any given time. It’s important that you ask when you are beginning to work with a company to find out what type of turnaround times you may expect. Things that can affect these times are the type of testing, the workload of the lab, and the time of drop-off. 

It is also important for business owners to understand how to read the results. Most pre-employment and post-employment testing will be done via urine or saliva, and some will be done using blood or hair.

Yes, there are also various types of testing that you can have done on your employees. Again, we cannot stress enough that you need to have proper policies in place to ensure you are covered as far as liability. Once you have the policies, you can decide what type of testing you want to perform. Urine testing is the most common as it is cost-effective and very accurate. It will only give you a positive or negative, and not the amount or how long someone has been using drugs.   However, hair and blood testing are far more expensive, which leads to another thing business owners need to understand.

Companies need to account for costs associated with employee drug testing. While many of these tests are very affordable, when you have a large workforce, it can really add up. Wolfe Inc works with those businesses to come up with a comprehensive plan moving forward that is also budget-friendly. Call 800-230-2991 to find out more.

Are You Ready for Employee Drug Testing?

It’s important for employers and employees alike to understand how to best prepare for a potential drug test situation so that everyone knows what steps should be taken if needed. This includes ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed correctly before any sample collection begins.  

Additionally, employers should be aware of the legal aspects surrounding their state laws regarding workplace compliance. You need to understand how to handle employees’ results that come back positive for drug use. It is also important that you handle these tests with strict privacy policies. The employee’s privacy is important, and policies should be in place as to how you will collect and handle their personal information.

Call Wolfe Inc Today

Employee drug testing is crucial in any workplace. It helps maintain a safe and secure environment, protects the company from liabilities, and ensures employee productivity. As an employee, you should expect to have some paperwork to fill out, show up for testing with that paperwork and proper legal id, and be prepared to provide a sample. Again, it will be up to your employer as to which type of sample we will need for testing. But they should inform you at the time of their request. 

As a business owner, to prepare for employee testing, you need proper policies in place as to what you will do if you get a positive test result, what types of tests you will perform, and general policies and practices such as when and who will be tested, so that you can avoid legal ramifications. If you should have questions, remember we are only a phone call away at 800-230-2991.