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Expectations of a Failed Drug Test and What it Can Affect

Expectations of a Failed Drug Test

Drug testing is a crucial aspect of many workplaces, and the consequences of failing a test can be severe. Whether you work in a regulated industry or your employer has their own drug testing policies, it is important to know the process and what failing a drug test could mean for your job.

First, it is important to be aware of your workplace’s drug testing policies and regulations. These may include pre-employment screening or random testing throughout employment. Knowing what is expected of you and understanding what a normal result looks like can help you prepare for taking any type of drug test.

Failing a drug test can significantly impact your job, particularly in regulated industries where failed tests can have legal implications. It is best to check with HR prior to engaging in any activity that could potentially cause problems with future screenings. If there are concerns about potential failure due to recent drug use, consider taking a counseling or rehab program before taking a drug test. Additionally, strategies are available for dealing with the repercussions of failed tests, such as appealing results through legal channels. If all else fails, exploring alternative employment options may be necessary.

What to Expect If You Fail Your Drug Test

There are two main types of drug tests: pre-employment and random. Both check for drugs and could result in disciplinary action if failed. Employers typically handle failed tests on a case-by-case basis, with suspension or termination being common outcomes.

Knowing your rights and company policies around drug testing is important. Some companies have zero-tolerance policies, while others consider circumstances. Properly preparing for tests, such as staying hydrated and abstaining from substances, is crucial. Don’t try to trick these tests, as that will ultimately lead to failure, as most labs can detect tampering. Furthermore, don’t try to dilute the sample by drinking loads of water, as that won’t stop a positive test outcome but could cause the test to fail. In some cases, employers will see this as tampering, and you could face some serious consequences.

Reasons for Failing a Drug Test

Common reasons for failing a drug test include using prescription medications, using illegal drugs, having trace amounts of marijuana in your system, and drinking alcohol before testing. 

If an employer discovers that an employee has failed a drug test, disciplinary action will usually be taken. This may include suspension or even termination. If an individual fails their own personal drug test, they may be subject to penalties such as fines or criminal prosecution depending on state laws.

Failing a drug test can also have long-term effects, such as making it difficult to acquire future jobs due to negative marks on one’s record. Financial hardship can also result from losing a job due to failed testing. In some cases, a failed test will continue with your employment record. While others will not have such a hard time. For example, if testing was done due to DOT, you will be responsible for completing the Return to Duty process through a substance abuse professional. You could also face losing your certifications and licenses. This is a grave offense that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Ways To Make Sure You Pass Your Drug Screening

It is important to understand why companies do drug testing. Many employers want to ensure that their employees are not impaired on the job. Because of this, they use pre-employment screenings as well as periodic tests throughout employment. Furthermore, it is required for some jobs by state or federal law. This is to keep employees accountable and protect their business interests.

To pass your drug screening, certain steps must be taken prior to taking the test. Avoiding drugs prior to the test is one way to pass with flying colors. Additionally, properly disclosing all medications on the consent form can also help avoid accidental failure due to false positives in certain doctor-prescribed medications.

Overall, avoiding drugs altogether prior to any kind of mandatory test remains one of the best ways to pass without major issues arising. This is especially true when working in competitive industries where rigorous standards are necessary.

Employers and Drug Testing

While some drug testing is mandatory for some industries, such has those that have to follow DOT rules and regulations. They are not required for all industries. This means that some businesses don’t due drug testing. However, businesses are realizing the benefits of drug testing. They see that having a drug and alcohol-free workforce can be very beneficial to business. That’s why more and more businesses are opting to do these types of tests. If you have failed a drug test and are not willing to give up your drugs and alcohol, you will be hard-pressed to find a company worth working for that doesn’t have some sort of drug screening. 

Pre-screening drug tests also help employers find good candidates for their team. These help keep people that have a drug or alcohol problem out of their workforce. In many cases, a drug-free workforce means that they will have less turnover as well. As people with drug and alcohol issues are less likely to show up and work, causing them to lose their jobs.

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Drug testing is a common practice in many workplaces. It is important to understand the process and potential consequences of failing a drug test. We have tried to provide simple advice on how to make sure you pass your drug test. Remember to avoid drugs and alcohol prior to testing. Also, be aware of prescription medications that can cause false positives. Taking these steps can help ensure that you keep your job and move forward in your career. Contact Wolfe Inc for more information. We would be happy to help employees as well as employers with any questions or concerns you might have. Call Wolfe Inc. today at 800-230-2991 to learn more. We off both pre-employment testing as well as random and DOT testing to our clients. Call now.