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Hiring & Retention Tools

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Efficient Organizations Deserve The Best Solutions

Your organization needs the best processes in place so you can hire and retain your best employees with confidence. In order to do that, you need tools that unify your team and simplify your process. By listening to your challenges over the last 30 years, we have created these resources so you dominate the hiring and retention part of your job.

Finding and hiring candidates that have the capabilities to one day work their way into management is a bonus. You want to attract better candidates by improving your workplace’s overall morale. New hires can provide leadership talent, or HR experts can pick present employees as managerial candidates. Wolfe Inc. provides the professional development programs to ensure that your organization is focused on future business goals by training promotable people.

The Solutions You Need to Prevent Employment Mistakes

Online Document Storage

We know how stressful keeping up with a million paper documents, expiration dates, and new laws can be. That's why we created WolfeOne. It's an intuitive platform that streamlines, organizes and alerts you about your employee documents so you never miss an expiration date. You get to skip out on the wasted time and frustration that plagues so many organizations when it comes to managing employee documents.

Online Ordering & Scheduling

Schedule your drug testing online through our WolfeOne platform, which gives you access to a database of over 6,000 collection sites so you can find the one that's most convenient to you. Order your background screenings online through WolfeOne, which allows you to get the information you need in a timely manner, and conveniently integrates with your ATS software.

Online HR Training

Need a customizable curriculum that unifies your HR department? Whether you need to train one employee or an entire department, you'll find what you need in our WOLFe-Smart training library which has a wide range of expertly curated courses.

FMCSA Clearinghouse Services

When the FMCSA regulations are updated, we know how uncertain you can feel in regards to what your new responsibilities will be. Whether you need Clearinghouse assistance with registration, reporting and/or querying, we have a complete compliance program available. You can store the results from the clearinghouse inside of WolfeOne by uploading the documents.

Applicant Tracking & Third Party Integrations

Identify and recruit top talent with one of our many integrations, including: BirdDogHR, ICIMS, Kronos/ Workforce, SmartRecruiters and other ATS/HRIS systems. Contact our sales team today to get connected.

Health Screening & COVID-19 Return to Work Safely Initiative

Wolfe offers Health Screening and COVID-19 testing so you can have peace of mind when returning to work. The COVID-19 testing options include COVID-19 antibody testing of IgG and IgM and/or the COVID-19 PCR virus test.

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Hiring & Retention FAQ's

What is the Definition of Training and Development?

According to studies, firms that invest in employee development enjoy higher sales and quadrupled profits compared to organizations that do not invest in employee engagement. (1) Employee engagement is enhanced by dedicated training and development and a more engaged staff that is more competitive and productive. This is vital to your company's financial performance. Furthermore, employees will stay longer when a company invests in career development.

Training and development assist businesses in increasing productivity, employee satisfaction, and morale and attracting and retaining top personnel. Furthermore, organizations with actively engaged and dedicated staff have reduced absenteeism and higher production.

Who Should Care About Training and Development?

These fantastic and significant standards begin with senior executives and the strength of a company's Human Resources professionals. HR directors and managers with strong leadership abilities are increasingly being called upon to assist in the formulation of strategic plans, which virtually always include extensive employee training and professional development efforts. 

What Are the Advantages of Learning and Development?

Our services lead HR teams in creating employee responsibility, improving production, and executing policies that enhance retention, satisfaction, and employee responsibility. The HR department is also responsible for finding programs that engage employees via consistent development and training. They will be aware of the advantages of training and development. Let's go over why HR training and development are so necessary.

Keeps Employees

Employers face significant retention issues, yet your company can retain strong individuals through career development. In fact, training and development have grown so consolidated within organizations that it is frequently used as a competitive advantage during the hiring process. Help your employees generate a sense of worth inside your organization through professional development. This will result in lower staff turnover rates and higher staff retention too.   

Nurtures Future Leaders

Finding and hiring candidates that have the capabilities to one day work their way into management is a bonus. You want to attract better candidates by improving your workplace's overall morale. New hires can provide leadership talent, or HR experts can pick present employees as managerial candidates.  According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), professional development programs ensure that an organization is focused on future business goals by training promotable people. (2)

Employees are Empowered

Leaders who feel empowered in the workplace will be more effective at influencing and gaining the trust of their staff. As a result, such employees will have a better sense of confidence, worth, and autonomy. SHRM defines employee autonomy as the degree to which employees feel independent and can make their own decisions about their work. (3)

Increases Workplace Engagement

Finding measures to increase employees' constant involvement helps reduce workplace boredom, which, if left unchecked, can lead to sentiments of unhappiness and undesirable working habits.

Regular training and development programs can assist firms in reducing workplace inactivity and establish periodic re-evaluation of their procedures, abilities, and people. Furthermore, it will influence corporate culture. This helps employers review their existing talent when looking to hire rather than go outside of the organization.  

Helps to foster workplace relationships

Finally, providing opportunities for employees to broaden their knowledge, improve their abilities, and learn about new topics, helps your team members bond. They will face new obstacles together throughout these training and development programs.

By interacting with colleagues who specialize in specific fields, your employees can rely on one another for a wide range of learning opportunities. According to studies, peer interaction is most people's favorite learning method. Learning from one another's abilities results in a more varied workforce, and such linkages can also enhance retention and engagement.

It's evident to us to see why employee training and development are essential in the workplace.

Creating a solid workplace culture with star employees who know how to gain new customers isn't about making people happy or content – and businesses fail when they believe it is.

Eager and active employees are indeed more satisfied with their jobs and workplace. Abstract emotion does not drive the desire to be involved. It is important to measure and cater to employees' happiness and contentment levels, as well as their demands.  This frequently fails to achieve the fundamental purpose of employee engagement: improved business outcomes.

Types of Documents We Organize

Imagine if your documents were all in one location, easily accessible, and would tell you when something is outdated and is up for renewal. Our Wolfone system can do all that and more. Take a look at all the documents our systems handle for you:

  • Training materials include records and resources for training.
  • Safety committee records, training materials, medical records, and incident reports are examples of safety and accident records.
  • Leave or vacation applications and accompanying documentation.
  • Attendance records, timesheets, pay stubs, and tax forms are examples of payroll records.
  • Personnel records include promotions, remuneration records, and performance evaluations.
  • Disciplinary records, separation documents, references, and records of unemployment
  • Plans offers and enrollment documents are examples of benefits paperwork.
  • Medical and healthcare records, as well as genetic information.
  • Disability records include disability information, accommodation requests, and leave requests.
  • Employee contracts include signed employee handbooks, non-compete, and confidentiality agreements, documented HR rules, and policy modifications.
  • Onboarding documentation, employee data, employment contracts, and supporting documents are all examples of hiring records.
  • Test results, interview notes, applications, resumes, position descriptions, and job advertisements are all examples of recruiting materials

Advantages of an HR Online Document System

While developing file management procedures for your small business takes time, your investment will pay off in the following ways.

1. Compliance

The law is the most compelling justification for having a structured, effective HR document strategy in place. Several federal regulations mandate firms to keep specific personnel records.

Your document storage system aids in ensuring that you meet all applicable criteria.

2. Legal safeguards

In addition to federal regulations, you must easily access employee documents to respond to regulatory audits and inquiries, employee complaints, and lawsuits.

If an employee files a discrimination complaint, for example, you may need to examine recruiting documentation, time and attendance records, performance reviews, and other documents.

If the complaint leads to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigation, you may be required to furnish similar documents for an entire class of employees. Keep in mind these demands are frequently time-sensitive.

A document management policy ensures that you can quickly produce the complete HR documents you need without frustration.

3. Privacy and security

Employers are also required by law to protect sensitive employee data, such as personal information, such as social security numbers, disability information and medical information, disability information, and other personal information.

To achieve those needs, an online document management system instills security protocols. There is no need to worry about locking physical files and securing computers and other information technology (IT) equipment when not in use. With Us, your data is protected.

4. Administrative Effectiveness

The only thing worse than slogging through a mountain of administrative paperwork is having to re-climb it, searching for records, and recreating missing data. A document management strategy is essential for efficient and structured human resource administration.

5. The movement of data

An efficient workflow is made possible by an effective document management system that facilitates document access and sharing. You can ensure that the proper documents are available to the right individuals on demand. Each document can be quickly located and shared when needed.  

HR electronic document management improves data flow and access even more.

We understand how difficult it may be to keep track of a million paper papers, new laws, and expiration dates. That is why we developed WolfeOne. It's a simple platform that notifies, organizes, and simplifies your employee paperwork. Avoid the wasted time and irritation that so many firms experience when it comes to maintaining employee papers. You deserve more time to focus on the important things at your company. Furthermore, you'll get that time and so much more with WolfeOne.

4th of July Closure Notice
In observance of Independence Day on July 4th, Wolfe will be closed. Normal office hours will resume on the 5th of July.