How Wolfe Can Help Your School System With Proper Background Checks for Teachers, Staff, and Volunteers

Why Getting a Proper Background Check is Important for Your School System

The safety of the children in school is the number one priority of most schools. While it is nice to have help from outside sources such as volunteers and more staff, you must proceed cautiously. You understand that running professional background checks is a must, but who do you trust to run such important screenings? 

While there are a host of online options to do this, there is a bit more involved than just plugging in a name and social number to find out what records a person might have. There could be an alias or other names out there the person could have gone by. Furthermore, it can seem impossible to keep all these records straight.

That’s where Wolfe comes in. We have worked with many schools in providing them not only with very accurate background checks on their teachers, staff, and volunteers but also provide a place to save and organize these documents. 

Long gone are the days when there are endless files full of paperwork that you need to keep on hand in case of an issue. You can now store everything on our cloud, accessing it from wherever you are. This allows you, your staff, and your employees to get into the system and research the necessary documents. Furthermore, this is a very safe and effective way to store documents as there are security measures in place that will track who is in every document and if there are any changes or updates. 

It’s Not a Question of Integrity

It’s not about questioning someone’s honesty, despite the fact that some people might get that impression from a background check. Risk reduction is the primary focus here.

The education system must be aware of two things:

  • Can the candidate meet the job requirements, and are they qualified?
  • Is the potential employee or volunteer capable of jeopardizing your employees, students, or reputation?

Verifying a candidate’s credentials, training, education, and work experience, as well as researching their history for high-risk behavior or criminal activity, are included in a comprehensive background check, which can help answer both questions.

If you do not conduct background checks, then it is possible that people with questionable pasts will be teaching at your schools in the near future.

When we take our kids to school, we almost always assume that they will be safe there. This is something that we all hope for. Parents place a great deal of faith in the individuals responsible for their children’s care, some of whom may spend as much as ten hours a day at school, depending on the extracurricular activities they participate in.

Provides Safety for Children and Other Staff

At Wolfe, one of our primary goals is to contribute to the safety of children, particularly while they are on school grounds. We do this by conducting professional background checks on teachers, support staff, and other personnel. We understand the importance of this position, as we have children ourselves. Everyone wants to fully believe that their children are safe when they are at school.  

It is all too common to read headlines these days about teachers doing unthinkable things with students. With the world the way it is, it is important that we take the time to fully investigate everyone that will be in contact with our children to ensure their safety. This isn’t just for the smaller children but all children, as they are all at a very impressionable age. It is important that you, as a school, ensure that you are not hiring someone or allowing them to volunteer should they have a questionable past. Furthermore, you must ensure they haven’t done things to children in the past.

It is Time for Education to Be Held to a Higher Standard.

An individual’s background check won’t stop all dangerous acts committed against school children and students, but it’s a good place to start. This mandatory screening standard is there to accomplish two goals:

1-It will reassure both students and their parents that the school’s top priority is the protection of everyone inside the building. In turn, this helps to strengthen and support the organization’s integrity, which is a significant benefit.

2-If criminals know that they will need to pass a background check to work at the school, they are less likely to apply for jobs there. Many people will go for the option that presents the fewest obstacles. This leads to many with questionable pasts going for positions in places that do not conduct background checks on their volunteers, employees, or staff members. 

Schools are better able to protect everyone on their campuses and, ultimately, their reputations from the risk that is related to employees if they have a better understanding of the employment histories of all of their employees. That’s why it is so important to get professional background checks run on all people that will be in contact with your students.

Keep on Top of Your Background Checks

Background checks are not something you do once and forget. Most places will require a background check at least every few years. This ensures that there aren’t things going on that would be of concern for those in the schools. However, tracking when everyone had their background check and who is due might seem impossible. This can become even harder to manage when employees, staff, and volunteers constantly come and go.

There is a solution. We at Wolfe Inc. offer secure digital documents that you can refer to when needed and will alert you when they are about to expire. This ensures that you are on top of your HR duties. This gives you ample time to run a current check on those that are due.

If you are interested in learning more about our background check services or our HR secure digital online services, give us a call at 800-230-2991 to find out more.  We would be happy to discuss how everything works as well as the security of our system. Contact us today to learn more!