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How WolfeOne Can Help Prevent Med Board Infractions (HIPAA) by Helping Your Medical Office Staff Reduce Paper Forms

Why Using WolfeOne For You HR Needs Is Important

Medical offices, hospitals, and medical records of all kinds are touchy subjects. While many of these places would rather not store everything in paper format, finding a safe solution isn’t always easy. Sure, you can invest in the proper infrastructure that allows you to digitally store the information on computers that are in the office or building. However, these computers will need top-of-the-line IT services to ensure they are safe and go without getting hacked. Furthermore, the rules and regulations of HIPAA are pretty strict. Most medical facilities don’t even understand all the ins and outs needed to ensure their computer systems and their patient’s records are safe.

However, there is a better solution than running out and investing in a huge amount of server space, putting an IT department in place, and storing your medical files. This solution lies in WolfeOne. We work with medical facilities to help them store data according to HIPAA rules. This allows our customers to work in the medical field and not have to worry about compromising the security of their patient’s records.

Patient records used to be stored in a file with all kinds of papers. However, technology has taken over, which is very convenient for doctors and medical personnel. Now, you can look up a person to find out what they have had done within your facility, their allergies, and other issues without having to wait on medical records to deliver the documents. This is very convenient and offers your patients a level of service we have never seen before. But, with this convenience comes great responsibility.

Storage of Medical Forms

Each year there is a variety of forms that a patient must fill out. These forms can be things such as HIPAA information, updated medical information, updated personal information, and more. With all these forms, it is easy to get overwhelmed with data. However, WolfeOne provides a solution that is not only perfect for keeping track of everything but also secure. When you have a number of patients that you need to keep track of, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone’s charts are up to date when doing them manually. However, our systems will flag the chart should something need to be updated. This can make a huge difference when working within a busy medical office.

It is important that you always have up-to-date information on all of your patients and that every document is signed as it should be. However, that can be nearly impossible without a digital system. But, having a digital system within your office can be very expensive. Not only are the servers and hardware expensive, but you will also need to invest in an entire IT team.

But here at WolfeOne, we have a solution for you. Our cloud-based system allows you to enjoy the convenience of digital records without the high cost. On top of that, we also provide you with a level of security that is HIPAA approved. You cannot get better than that.

Advantages of Off-Site Storage

The information contained in a patient’s medical record is both private and vital to the operation of any healthcare organization. There are a number of benefits to utilizing offsite storage rather than onsite storage. 

The off-site storage of medical records offers a significantly higher level of protection against unauthorized access. HIPAA regulations require that all medical records be stored securely. This is something that we at WolfeOne take very seriously. We understand the processes and procedures that need to be in place in order for our services to be HIPAA approved. This isn’t something that many medical facilities have a complete understanding of. However, it is very important, and without proper security, you could be facing huge fines or worse. 

When it comes to storing medical records, the cost is another important factor to take into account. Offsite storage in the cloud costs far less than on-site storage. Furthermore, clinicians will have to access individual files in order to view or update them from anywhere in the world. This data-sharing solution allows clinicians a more effective way of treating patients. 

Data Back-Up with WolfeOne

Backup plans are typically regarded as an important component of the strategy developed by any healthcare organization. In the case of traditional on-premises systems, data must be backed up on a consistent basis in order to preserve its integrity in the event of a natural disaster or some other unanticipated event. Offsite cloud solutions, on the other hand, make it possible to have continuous backups without having to make investments in additional IT infrastructure. This is all done automatically, meaning you don’t need to spend time each day managing backups. 

Offsite storage is the way to go if you want increased security, compliance, and cost savings compared to traditional on-site storage systems. Contact Wolfe Inc. to find out more.

Contact WolfeOne for Your Cloud Storage Needs

Cloud storage offers many advantages for medical records. It is cost-effective, secure, and compliant with HIPAA regulations. It can provide real-time analytics to track patient treatments. Furthermore, it enables backup strategies in case of disaster or theft. Additionally, cloud storage provides greater control over who has access to the data and when they have access. Making the switch from traditional on-site storage to cloud storage can be daunting. But with the right plan in place, it can be done quickly and efficiently. Let us ensure that your medical records remain safe and secure for years to come!

WofleOne has been working with medical facilities for some time now, helping them move to a cloud-based solution for their medical records. If you should want to take advantage of this service or have questions, our team of experts would be happy to help. While moving over to a new system can be daunting and, quite frankly, seem like a load of work. It actually isn’t that bad if you already have your files in a digital format. Our teams have worked with many medical facilities in this regard and are happy to help. Call us at Wolfe Inc. to find out more.