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How WolfeOne Can Help Your HR Department With Our Secure Online Document Storage Solution

Why Using WolfeOne For Your Organizational Needs Through Your HR System Is So Important

An HR department was once overrun with documents. These documents were in folders that could only be accessed physically. However, those days are long gone. Now, there are ways to save everything digitally, which makes the room needed for HR much smaller, but also keeps everyone far more organized than ever before.

Before, you would need to file everything in each of the employees’ folders. These folders would hold everything from employment applications to reviews and documents that were needed throughout that employee’s career. However, with the advancement of technology, there has been an explosion of documents needed per employee. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to have drug testing and screening at the time of employment but also throughout that person’s career. Furthermore, you will need background checks run and verification services. All of this information and data needs to be stored somewhere. 

While many businesses think that storing this data on a hard drive in the HR office is safe, many understand this simply isn’t the case. The hard drive is prone to many issues and can be hacked pretty easily. This is even more true when the business or facility is smaller with fewer resources to combat the hackers in the IT world.  

But there are other options that are affordable and make access to all those files super simple. Have you heard of these options?

Why WolfOne for Your HR Document Storage

WolfeOne is one of those options. We offer a cloud-based service that assists you will the storage of all of your HR documents in a very secure manner. Our team of experts has been working with businesses and schools to help get them organized and online so that their documents can be easily accessed by those that need them. Furthermore, our cloud storage offers a variety of tools that keep our clients more organized than ever before. No need to determine who is up for review or needs to have their yearly background check, as these are things you can set up within the system to alert you. This helps everyone stay more on top of things and more organized.

Why Choose WolfeOne for Your HR Document Storage?

When it comes to the management of employee data, HR professionals face a wide variety of obstacles. The highest priorities are protecting users’ personal information and privacy, as well as ensuring that data can be accessed and trusted when it is needed. WolfeOne cloud storage is able to assist in meeting these needs by ensuring the safety and confidentiality of sensitive data. Through this, we enhance operational efficacy with cloud storage, reducing overhead, as everything is much more streamlined. 

Furthermore, the data is far easier to access at a moment’s notice. Does someone need a copy of a document? Before, you had to find the person’s file and dig into the file to find that document. Now, with everything being stored digitally in a WolfOne system, you can easily search that person’s file and print the document needed from just about anywhere. 

In addition, HR professionals are able to concentrate on core HR tasks with the assistance of collaboration tools. They are freed up from the mundane things of searching for documents, to allow them to better time management. They can do this all while maintaining the data integrity and redundancy required for effective decision-making.

Why Choose WolfeOne?

WolfeOne Cloud Storage provides features that can be customized to meet the unique requirements of a particular business. For instance, in the event that your information technology or server suddenly goes down, you can put in place automated backup procedures and disaster recovery plans all within our servers. In addition, the simplified reporting features enable you to make better decisions more quickly. All of this can be accomplished without the need for extensive training or prior experience with HR management software.

In general, WolfeOne Cloud Storage offers a risk-free method of managing employee data. We do this by simultaneously assisting your company in accomplishing its objectives in an effective, economical, and time-saving manner.

Benefits of Cloud Storage with WolfeOne

The management of data and records can be a process that is both time-consuming and costly. Human resources, however, are an essential function in any organization. The traditional approaches to storing and managing data can be labor-intensive, ineffective, and even risky in certain circumstances.

Cloud storage can eliminate all of this clutter by storing data in a manner that is both safe and user-friendly on the cloud. Our analytics make it possible to monitor employees’ levels of success and performance.

Security is another big advantage of us g our cloud storage.  Security checks on the system can be run to ensure that only users authorized to access the data will have access to it. Furthermore, you can track who has been in what files. This ensures that files are not corrupted or mishandled in some way.  This keeps all of your data protected. 

Save on Expenses

While we discussed how it saves a lot of time and space with not having paper files, there are other cost savings in using WolfeOne. One of these is the cost of expensive hardware and IT services, security, and more.  

When a facility looks at putting in a system comparable to ours, it will quickly realize that this sort of infrastructure will have a significant cost to it.  However, utilizing our services provides you with a safe, fast, and effective solution to your computing needs. Integrating Cloud Storage into your HR procedures will allow you to reap a wide variety of benefits.  All of these benefits will contribute to an increase in the effectiveness of your organization without a huge overhead.  In fact, many people are impressed with the cost of this sort of service. Especially when they consider all the time that will be saved.

When you are looking for a better way to keep your HR organized, WolfeOne has you covered.  We have taken everything into account when we set up our system to ensure that our clients get every bell and whistle they could possibly need. Our system will help you be more productive and also more secure with your files. Call us at Wolfe Inc. 800-230-2991 today to find out more.

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