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There was a time when hiring any new employees would involve putting up the job ad and interviewing the candidate. You would get their references. Then offer the post if they seemed right for the job. Things have changed. Businesses have to dig a little deeper before assessing a candidate’s suitability for the company. Because of this, numerous employers can benefit from our identification services.

Wolfe considers a number of factors. Each of the factors is conducted properly before we allow the customers to hire their employees. Through our identity verification service, your company will be able to have an identity-check of the employee. This allows yo to be able to assess the candidate.

Our services involve technological assistance as well as identity checks through address tracking, vehicle driving records, and verification through the DHS and SSA records. The best thing about Wolfe, Inc’s identification services is that they are suitable for any business. It helps to get extensive analytics and real-time data.

How Do The Wolfe Identification Services Work?

Wolfe uses a number of ways of pre-employment background checks on candidates. Our team of experts assesses the legal name, date of birth, address, Social Security Number, and other ways to get the personal information for the background check. We use computer algorithms and scanning technology to make sure that the information and documents are valid.

While the candidates go through the process of verification, all information is updated in real-time. This keeps the employers updated on the process. It also helps to ensure that the identification process doesn’t slow down employee hiring.

Why Choose Wolfe For Your Company's Identification Services

Protect your Company

When you hire our services, the identification of your employees reduces the risk of exposure to the finances of the company. Many times hired employees will have access to many different types of records. When an employee uses a fake identity, this can lead to fraud. 

It is important for any employer to understand that if he hires a false employee in the organization, then he might have to look for a replacement and bear additional training costs in the future. By taking advantage of our identification services, a business will be able to avoid any unnecessary costs. We go through a rigorous process of looking for employee identification.

You can Keep Fraudulent Candidates Away

When any business hires us for thorough identification checks, whether it is digital or manual, it can be very helpful to deter the applicants who can be fraudulent when they apply to your company. We always advise our customers to provide complete biodata of the candidates. This allows us to offer the best identification services.

It is always helpful for a company to inform the candidates that the Social Security Number, driving records, and I-9 verification of the candidates will be conducted. This will make the verification process easy. When aware of the identification services, there are chances that any applicants who may not be genuine might refrain from applying.

The Hiring Process Becomes Consistent

Right of Work rules is easy to follow with proper identification of the candidates. There is a strong chance that any biases can be prevented in the hiring process. A business or company with a transparent approach toward its hiring process can build a strong reputation in the market. Other than that, it can be helpful to strengthen the brand as a trustable organization.

It Signifies Proactiveness

When you hire Wolfe, Inc. to conduct a thorough identification check of the candidate, it gives a signal that you are proactive in complying with all the regulations. As an employer, it can be helpful to make your audit process straightforward. This allows you to save yourself from any fines and penalties.

One of the major advantages of the identification services is that we will make you comply with all the regulations. We will give you complete records of candidate identification. Therefore, if a fraudulent employee is able to seep through the net, you will still have a strong defense.

Cross-checking of the Databases, Including I-9 Verification

The checks are done with greater detail and more accuracy while the members of our team perform a visual inspection of the candidates to be hired. We use investigative functions to make sure that any misrepresentation or fraud can be rooted out. It includes cross-checking with the databases, data extraction, I-9 verification, as well as automated and manual Identification checks, but it depends on the preferences and needs of a business. We also go through the employment eligibility verification to know whether the candidate is authorized to work in the US or not.

How Should a Company Act on Our Results?

There is quite a possibility that the candidate applying for the job may fail the identification process, but it doesn’t mean that the individual is using another person’s identity. Wolfe, Inc. makes sure that we give accurate information to our customers so that they can be cautious and look for additional documents of identification from the candidates.

Documents like a driver’s license, passport, or Government issued ID are very helpful in knowing the true identity of the candidate. By tracing the Social Security Number, we are able to provide all the information to the employers. This gives them an added level of security.

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When you go for pre-employment background checks with Wolfe, Inc., your business can have higher levels of detail to assess the candidate. As an employer, you will be confident that you have made the right hiring decisions. You might think these pre-employment checks to be quite a headache. However, working with Wolfe makes the process very smooth. You will soon realize that these checks are vitally important for the smooth operation of your business for several reasons.

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