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Instant Urine Testing

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Instant Urine Testing: A New Way to Test for Drug Use

Instant urine testing detects certain illegal drugs and prescription medications in your urine. Urine drug tests are painless tests referred to as urine drug screens or UDS. Who can see drugs in a person’s system in instant urine drug tests? Many employers, doctors, and sports officials require these tests regularly. An instant urine drug test is one of the most commonly used methods in toxicology.

They are painless, simple, quick, affordable, and easy to use. Clinicians can benefit from this valuable insight by reducing the risk of overdose and drug-to-drug interaction, which reduces liability and ensures better patient care. A person’s system can still display signs of drug use long after the effects have worn off. It can reveal if a patient has taken prescribed medication, whether they are using other medicines that did not prescribe or illicit substances.

Instant Drug Testing: How It Works

In most cases, participants must provide a sample of urine. It looks for specific chemicals and substances of specific drugs during the testing process. If a substance is detected, your test is considered positive. In drug testing, the accuracy varies based on which test is used.

‌Taking an instant urine drug test can be done at your workplace, a medical clinic, or anywhere else that is capable of collecting a urine sample properly. Urine tests can also be performed in public restrooms if you are accompanied by a qualified collector, such as a police officer. The use of instant drug testing by employers every day for both pre-employment and random drug tests is very common. How can we obtain rapid, reliable drug screening results with instant testing? You will use a plastic cup or another sterile container during private urination.

In the initial screening, the drug testing collector will use an instant test device. When the machine has completed processing, the collector will read the initial specimen results after a short time. Any specimens free of illicit substances and passing the initial test will be recorded as ‘Negative.’ The employee is returned to the employer the same day. However, if there is a positive result, it will also be determined in that same short time frame. If further testing is needed, Wolfe will send the sample out to an appropriate laboratory. Upon receiving your sample from us, they test it in the laboratory. After this test is carried out, it usually takes a few days for the results to be available to the employee and employer.

Types of Drug Tests

People can take many types of drug tests, including urine and saliva tests. Saliva testing is often used in police and roadside drug testing stations because it’s more accurate than urine testing and can be administered on-site. However, they’re not as sensitive as urinalysis. The instant urine test is the most common drug test in schools and workplaces because it’s easy to collect a sample quickly and detect various drugs. It also stays in your system longer than other tests, which means you have time to show improvement if you decide to quit using drugs. The downside is that urinalysis may not always detect recent drug use. However, it is by far one of the most common drug tests used by employers due to its accuracy and cost. Instant urine drug testing uses immunoassay technology and produces results in 5 minutes or less.

When Should You Administer A Urine Drug Test?

An instant urine drug test confirms recent drug use quickly and cost-effectively. A screening result is available within minutes of the collection of a sample. It is also popular among private individuals and businesses. For example, random drug testing occurs in industry and commercial organizations. Urine drug tests often raise legal and ethical concerns. Several laws, including those enacted at the federal, state, and local levels, impact the use of drug tests. Because of this, it is important that you use a trained facility that is up to date on the current laws surrounding drug testing, such as Wolfe Inc.

This is the best option for many organizations since it provides early indications of drug abuse, is affordable, and is a suitable method for screening all workers on a mass basis. It can also determine if a person is abusing drugs at a young age.

If you are an employer looking to do pre-employment drug screening, after-accident testing, or spot checks on your employees, Wolfe can help. We work with employers to come up with routine protocols that best suit their needs and the needs of their employees. When it comes to drug testing, we employ a knowledgeable staff that can answer your questions and helps your employees better understand the process.

Choose Wolfe For Your Urine Drug Testing

A urine drug test detects some illegal drugs and prescription medications quickly and effectively. 

We offer urine drug testing to our employer clients to ensure their workforce is safe and not on drugs. These tests are very quick and accurate, allowing you to make better decisions for your workforce. Some experts believe that instant urine testing will become more popular in the future because of its convenience, accuracy, and ease of use.

We assist employers with background screens, drug testing, hiring and retention tools, and so much more. Wolfe understands that having your very own complete occupational health department isn’t feasible for some employers. We provide these services and more to our employer clients to ensure they hire and maintain a healthy workforce. Check out our suite of online tools to better improve your workforce. Talk to our experts about ways Wolfe can help you. 

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