Kept Promises

Technology Solutions Hero

“It can’t wait until morning?” Mark’s wife asked when she saw him getting dressed at 1 am on a recent Sunday morning. “If the servers don’t start up, we may not be online in the morning.”

A thunderstorm had downed power lines in Concord, NC earlier that night, but Mark knew the backup battery would kick on and provide power to our servers for exactly 3 and a half hours. When he woke up and realized it had not come back on after over four hours, he headed to the office.

Mark’s wife had a point. Most clients won’t access their results or need something from our website in the dark hours of a Sunday morning, but we have a few international clients who might be affected. It might matter to someone, Mark thought. That was enough for him.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear everyday khakis and comfortable shoes.

Making a Difference in the Community

Recently a woman called Wolfe to schedule a personal test for her adult son. She explained to Heather Williams, our Client Relations Specialist, that her son had struggled with addiction his entire life. She was distraught and called back twice, asking to speak to Heather both times, who the mother said was kind, patient and provided all the knowledge she needed about pricing, drug panels, and the procedure to test her son.

The mother arrived on time, 30 minutes before her son showed up, and asked Wolfe Collector Chung Shum a few questions. He too was very kind, she said. Though her son arrived late and not long before the lab closed and despite her son’s bad attitude, Chung prepared for the test. He treated her son with empathy and respect, something she hadn’t experienced at other facilities, even ones that specifically help addicts. “I was moved to tears with his kindness and patience for my son though the test never took place because he refused to cooperate.” The mother was so appreciative and wanted Wolfe to know they are making a difference in the community.

Making Schools Safer

The relationship we have with Wolfe is more than vendor/customer. The trust, the partnership is more than money can buy. Wolfe keeps us informed of changes in DOT laws. The folks in Concord, Dana and Wanda, are always willing to help us when we have questions about billing and always return our calls in a timely manner. Reece,  Victor, and Ciana are always on the ball and keep us in the loop when things just aren’t “quite right” with one of our employees. This is essential to our goal of keeping our students and staff safe. I cannot say enough about Marsha and Dr. O. It’s not often you find a doctor willing to give you his cell phone number and tell you to call anytime you need help. I honestly can’t think of anything you guys could do better. We are very satisfied customers.

Debra Scott, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

We promise to do more

WOLFE has a national client with locations in every state operating every day of the year. For WOLFE, that means high volume screening with requests coming in 7 days a week. Which is great, right? We customized the client’s background screening program to make it as hassle-free as possible and provided a dedicated account manager, someone they could call with questions, someone with ideas for streamlining their hiring process. That account manager is Carolyn Tingle.

  • We staggered schedules to accommodate their West Coast business hours.
  • We created an on-call rotation for after hours, weekends, and holidays, and provided those staff with a cell phone and laptop.
  • We customized our technical support for their managers needing help with passwords, access to reports, and other mission-critical tasks.
  • We review applicant records and approve or decline them for hire using the client’s criteria, streamlining the client’s hiring process.

Carolyn Tingle