Non-Regulated Testing (Urine, Oral Fluids, Hair)

Non-regulated drug testing gives employers the freedom to design a drug testing program without the stricter requirements of the federal government for industries like transportation. Non-regulated testing means you can choose the type of specimen to test (urine, hair saliva, blood). You can choose a panel to fit your needs. And you can choose electronic scheduling or paper chain of custody.

Labs for urine and oral fluid drug testing

WOLFE works with one lab as our primary facility for customers who do not require SAMHSA-certified laboratory services.

This lab maintains forensic certification by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). We have developed a specialized chain of custody form that accommodates urine and saliva samples that need traditional testing.

The lab is unique in its comprehensive services and capabilities:

  • Each urine specimen is analyzed for appropriate pH, specific gravity, and creatinine levels to further ensure the sample has not been diluted or adulterated.
  • Detection of hydromorphone and hydrocodone is included in opiate screening protocols.
  • Customized testing panels are also available to detect commonly abused substances, such as ecstasy and oxycodone, that are not picked up by standard screening protocols.

State of the art, oral fluids testing technology using Quantisal, the most widely used collection device, can detect drugs like THC, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA, PCP, and cocaine.

Because every specimen is a potential source for legal action, accuracy and forensic quality should be of foremost consideration. Initial screening of specimens is accomplished by enzyme immunoassay. Positive results are confirmed by LC or GC mass spectrometry. In the event of legal challenge, comprehensive documentation and professional consultation with one of our partners (Dr. Charlton Owensby/Thomas Eden) can be provided upon request.

Affiliated labs for hair testing

In addition to urine and oral fluid lab-based testing, WOLFE maintains relationships with several leading laboratories that test hair for the presence of drugs. Hair testing provides several advantages:

  • A drug detection window of up to 90 days, effective for random and pre-employment drug testing
  • Excellent for detecting long-term use and dependency
  • FDA-approved
  • Observable specimen collection, reducing potential for adulteration or specimen substitution.
  • Negative results within 24 hours, positive results confirmation within 48 to 72 hours

WOLFE lab for clinical lab testing

One of WOLFE’s lab partners maintains CAP certification in clinical lab testing to serve our non-workplace customers in pain management and needs related to health and human services.

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