Oral Fluid Testing System

While urine testing has been around for a long time, there are several advantages of testing oral fluid rather than urine.

  • It’s convenient. Specimens can be collected anytime, anywhere. That means no restrooms are needed and gender issues are eliminated.
  • It’s more difficult to adulterate because specimen collection is directly observed.
  • It correlates with blood concentration levels.
  • It’s also a better indicator of recent use.

With this in mind, we’re now offering a new laboratory-based oral fluid drug test that uses advanced laboratory technology but is simple and easy to use.



Ensures Sufficient Specimen is Collected.

Quantisal has a unique volume adequacy indicator that ensures enough specimen for screening, confirmation and repeat testing. When the tip of the Quantisal collection wand turns blue 1mL (+/-10%) of oral fluid has been collected. This avoids the possibility of not enough specimen for testing or “Quantity Not Sufficient” (QNS) results.

No Artificial Stimulants

Quantisal does not use artificial stimulants to increase saliva production. One study showed that oral fluid drug levels were 3.6 times HIGHER in specimens that were not stimulated compared to those collected after acid stimulation.

Lower Quantitative Detection Level

The amount of drug recovered from the Quantisal collection device provides confidence that even low levels of drug are detected. For most drugs, especially Marijuana (THC) , the amount of drug recovered from Quantisal is significantly higher than in other devices.

Percent of Drug Recovery from Quantisal vs. Other Devices
Percent Drug Recovery from Quantisal and Other Devices


The buffer from the transport tube stabilizes the specimen once it has been collected. Research shows that most drugs are very stable in oral fluid with the exception of Marijuana (THC). THC may degrade rapidly in oral fluid in uncontrolled temperatures. The stability of THC in Quantisal at room temperature, refrigerated and frozen is far superior to other devices.

“What’s great about this test? The indicator is so much easier to read.” Paula Mitchell, Lowe’s Food Stores.



Specification Sheet:Premium Oral Fluid Collector

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