Secure Email and Web Reporting

WOLFE RealityLINK is a user-friendly drug test results data and reporting management tool. It provides our customers with secure Internet and e-mail access to results with unmatched functionality and efficiency.

All web access requires usernames and passwords.

Customers can control access to e-mailed information with password protection. E-mails are secured using encryption software as they are generated. These e-mails are sent with an “EEA” extension. When the client installs the attachment decoder, it registers itself to handle files with this extension. Decoding is as easy as double-clicking the e-mail attachment. E-mail attachments will require a valid password to decode. Your drug test management provider will provide this password or you may suggest a password yourself.

Track, manage and analyze

Allows users to track, manage and analyze specimens by location from the desktop.

Print chain-of-custody forms

Generates both DOT and non-DOT chain-of-custody (COC) forms at the point of collection. RealityLINK reduces paperwork, saving time and money.

Streamline reporting for instant and lab-based testing

Provides results via secure e-mail and Internet—no need for phone or fax. RealityLINK allows reprinting of archived results at any time.

Retrieve results in minutes

Allows fast and easy access to all current test results within minutes of processing.

Generate web-based summary reports

Produces summary reports by test result, test type, location, average donor processing time, number of donors processed during a specific time period, and more.

Can transmit test reports to designated recipients at your office via secure fax line within minutes of processing.