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Pamela Devata works in the Labor and Employment Practice Group of Seyfarth Shaw LLP. She specializes in all aspects of employment defense, including counseling, training, and litigation. Her expertise in FCRA and in state laws regarding background screening make her a valuable resource for employers across the country.

Thomas (Tommy) Eden is an attorney with Constangy, Brooks, Smith, and Prophete. He specializes in Management Labor and Employment Law and Drug testing Law (DOT-Regulated and Non-Regulated) throughout the United States and defense of employers in federal court in all aspects of employment litigation.

Dr. Charlton Owensby is a certified Medical Review Officer and a licensed physician who has practiced primarily in Occupational Medicine since 1985. He has served as a Medical Review Officer since 1992 with scores of clients across the United States. He is also a licensed attorney, admitted to the Bar in North Carolina, and a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine. He continues to practice both medicine and law with a particular interest where they overlap such as evaluation and reporting of drug screens. He has provided medical review and expertise for Wolfe since 2005.

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The New FMCSA Clearinghouse Regulations: How Will They Affect Your Fleet?

On December 5, 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued its Final Regulations establishing a drug and alcohol clearinghouse for holders of commercial driver’s licenses. The database affects every transportation employer, holder of a commercial driver’s license, and “Service Agent” including, CTPAs, MROs, collectors, SAPs, and Labs. Although it will not go live until January 2020, the time to prepare is now.

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Substance Abuse in the Workplace

We’ve had several requests for the information presented in our popular “Substance Abuse in the Workplace” luncheons and have put together a brief webinar with the most salient points: The scope of the problem. How big is it? What are the best tools for employers to address the problem? What constitutes “Reasonable Suspicion”?

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Briefing: New Oral Fluid Regulations

The federal government recently issued new proposed regulations to allow for lab-based oral fluids testing for federal employees and eventually for DOT covered employees. These proposed regulations will affect collectors, program administrators, donors, device manufacturers and labs across the country. How will split specimen tests be administered? What are the true cost savings for employers using oral fluid testing? What policy updates need to be implemented?

Workplace drug testing attorney Tommy Eden and MRO Dr. Charlton Owensby review the new regulations and answer questions about how they’ll affect you.

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Hot Topics in Background Screening

Don’t miss Pam Devata of Seyfarth Shaw LLP talk about the hottest topics in background screening. Her expertise in FCRA and state laws landed her on Fox & Friends morning show. This will be a fast-paced, information-packed webinar. Does your background screening policy violate FCRA? Do you know Disclosure and Authorization best practices? What is “Adverse Action” and why does it matter?

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Top Ten Background Screening Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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The Do’s and Don’t’s of Prescription Drug Disclosure

It’s a hot topic right now, which explains the record attendance for our online workshop. If you attended, you can disregard this recap. If you missed it, you may have questions about prescription drug disclosure like:

  • If opioids are legal and prescribed, is it okay to test for them?
  • Can we ask an employee to stop taking the medication if it puts him or his coworkers at risk for accident or injury?
  • What about the ADA? Doesn’t that protect an employee’s right to keep his medical information private from his employer?

We’ve made a handy Prescription Disclosure Checklist for you to consider as you create and implement drug policy in your workplace.

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Minimize Loss and Maximize Profits

This webinar is targeted to our retail clients who want to:

  • Find and hire the best candidates.
  • Reduce turnover rates.
  • Reduce internal theft and fraud to maximize profits.
  • Improve productivity and workplace safety.
  • Build and protect your reputation.

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