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Non-Regulated Testing For Employers

Regulated and Non-Regulated Testing has become a part of most hiring processes nowadays. As we all know, substance abuse – may it be alcohol, drugs, or prescription medicines could greatly affect the well-being of a person. And it also affects the person’s ability to work. A worker who abuses any kind of substance could not work efficiently compared to those who are non-users. And this type of worker is not good for any business. 

Companies that are unable to screen their applicants face a lot of losses when it comes to healthcare costs and the unproductivity of workers. This is why employers need to prevent substance abusers from being part of their workforce as early as the application phase. Non-regulated testing is a good preventive measure for drug-related problems from occurring in the workplace. 

Some applicants might find pre-employment health tests as invasive, but if the test is part of the company’s health and safety protocol, there is nothing they could do about it. 

What is Non-Regulated Drug Testing?

Regulated drug testing is a type of test that is regulated by the DOT. This test is for workers like drivers, pilots, or train conductors. The DOT governs the drug testing done on these types of workers. Other industries may still require drug tests for pre-employment, but these are considered non-DOT or Non-Regulated. 

Non-regulated drug testing is implemented and managed by each individual employer. The employer determines which testing method is done. They choose a drug testing method that best fits their needs. Most companies today have an established drug testing protocol. They can choose from various drug testing methods like urine, oral fluid, hair test, or a combination, depending on their needs. 

Types of Non-Regulated Testing

Pre-Employment Tests

Pre-employment tests are tests performed on possible employees before you hire them. Employers do this to keep any drug users out of their working environment. If an applicant could not stop using drugs or any substance long enough to pass the test, it means the applicant lacks the desire to get hired. You don’t want this kind of person in your company. In the early stage of the application phase, the applicant needs to show a strong desire to be part of the company. And passing the drug test is a good sign.

Random Testing

This is a good way of stopping workers from using drugs since they do not know when they will be tested. Random Testing is just that, done at random. Nobody will know when you will ask them to be tested. This keeps your employees honest.

Post-Accident Testing

There are drug tests done after an incident happens on company premises. The injury due to the incident could be a ground for a workers’ compensation claim. The employer needs to know if the employee was under the influence of drugs or not when the incident happened. Employers should make sure that there is a protocol implemented for post-accident testing. This way, the employee won’t have any chance of manipulating the result of the test.

Return to Duty Test

When an employee returns to work after long days or months of being away due to being sick, the company could use non-regulated testing to ensure that the person is not on any drugs. There are various reasons why a person could get tempted to use drugs. If one is away from work for a long time, it could be possible that drug abuse could happen. 

Does Your Company Have A Drug Testing Policy?

If you don’t have a drug testing policy yet in your business, now is the best time to create one. The policy should be clear when it comes to the specifics of the drug testing. Also, what happens should an employee fail the test? At Wolfe, we help companies when it comes to drug testing, background screening, and more. These services help a company achieve exceptional hiring and retention.

A strong drug testing policy will have the following benefits:

  • Create a safe environment for both employees and customers
  • Prevent current employees from abusing any substances
  • Identify workers who recently got into drug abuse and help them recover
  • Decrease the chances of experiencing problems in the workplace due to unwanted behavior of workers.
  • Improve the productivity of everyone and boost employee morale.


To enjoy the benefits of non-regulated testing, an employer should partner with the right company that has enough knowledge and experience when it comes to drug testing and other pre-employment tests. 

Wolfe is aware of a company’s need for fast and accurate drug testing results. Without a reliable drug test, employers are at risk of hiring the wrong applicant. With many years of experience in the industry, we have created a solid solution for employers that guarantees accurate and fast results.

Why Choose The Services of Wolfe, Inc.

Aside from non-regulated testing, we also help companies when it comes to identification services, criminal record screening, and verification services. All these services aim to help companies hire the right applicants and keep them for a long time. Employee retention is very important in a company since it is time-consuming and a waste of resources to keep on hiring someone for a job, mainly because you were not efficient in the hiring process. 

Call us now so we could discuss your needs and offer the best solution. We are happy to answer your questions regarding non-regulated drug testing. Our team of experts is happy to discuss with you your company’s goals. We take pride in our services and offer some of the best pre-employment services on the market. It might be a bit complicated at first, but we will guide you all the way. You’ll soon experience the benefits of having a solid drug testing method included in your hiring process.

Don’t hire on your own. Be sure that you have the necessary tools to ensure your workforce remains safe and drug-free. Wolfe offers a whole host of different types of drug tests as well as other services to help you hire more qualified candidates.

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