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Oral Fluid Testing

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Oral Fluid Testing for Employers

Oral Fluid Testing is growing popular among employers that require pre-employment health tests in their hiring process. Using oral fluid instead of other samples makes the test much easier and faster. The testing could be done on-site and in the presence of a company representative for monitoring. This ensures the credibility of the result. 

It is not a surprise that companies today require drug testing for applicants. This drug testing could even be done inside the company to ensure that the workplace is free from drug abuse. Workers who abuse drugs are often involved in unnecessary quarrels with co-workers, which affects productivity. The company needs to test applicants as early as in the application phase. This way, no drug abuser could enter their workforce.

How Does Oral Fluid Testing Detect Drug Use?

Compared to other tests like a urine drug test, oral fluid testing is better at detecting recent drug use. After a drug is used, it takes some time before it can be detected in the body in a urine test. However, with oral fluid tests, drug use can be detected almost instantly. This fast detection of drugs in the system makes oral fluid tests among the top option for employers. When it comes to testing applicants and even their employees for drug abuse, we recommend oral fluid testing. 

Due to the fast drug detection of oral fluid testing, it is also used for reasonable suspicion situations. For example, someone in the company suddenly changed behavior, and other workers are also seeing the sudden change. This could be a ground for the company to require the employee to undergo an oral fluid test. When we talk about the detection window, the oral fluid test has a 12-24 hours detection window. This is why it is a suitable method for detecting current drug use. 

Find Out Quicker if Your Employees are Under the Influence?

For companies where workers need to be attentive and focused in their work, a worker who has been using drugs recently could be in danger. With the use of oral fluid testing, the person can be safely removed from work for their safety. The same could be considered during the hiring process. We all know that a drug user’s behavior is greatly affected. The pre-employment test could prevent an applicant from becoming a risk to the company’s workforce. 

All methods of drug testing have their pros and cons. And even if some companies still prefer urine drug testing, the oral fluid test is slowly becoming popular with employers. The best thing about using oral fluid is it’s less invasive, and the whole testing process is less complicated. Companies currently using urine drug testing for their pre-employment test could tell that the whole process is time consuming and a bit complicated. If you are a company trying to adapt a pre-employment test procedure, you need to consider the complexity level of the test. Getting the sample is easy with an oral fluid test, and the entire testing process is less complicated than other methods.

Convenient and Tamper-Resistant Testing

In oral fluid testing, only a small sample is required from the applicant. A company representative could monitor the procedure. Since the collection is being monitored, there is no way an applicant can do something to cheat or alter the sample to pass the test. This makes the testing process tamper-resistant.

It is convenient for companies to use oral fluid testing since it could be done in their place or building. All they need is a designated room where the sample is taken. However, Wolfe offers this service to our customers. We understand the importance of proper collection for your oral testing needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your samples go untampered and are tested as they should be.  

Simple Collection Process

The problem with other testing methods, like urine drug testing, is that applicants find it hard to void enough urine. This makes the testing process time-consuming. Plus, cheating could happen since it’s done in a place where you cannot monitor how the sample is taken. On the other hand, with oral fluid testing, the specimen needed for the test is very easy to extract. All applicants can quickly provide it. Oral fluid test also eliminates the need to organize a gender-based collection. Everyone could be in the same room without an issue. The applicant doesn’t need to go somewhere private to provide the needed sample for testing. It can be done in a general area and observed by one of our technicians quite easily without anyone feeling embarrassed.

Fast and Reliable Results

You’ll get results in as fast as 5 minutes with oral fluid testing. This fast turnaround time makes the hiring process a lot faster. With the use of the oral fluid test by Wolfe Inc., the collection process is fast, convenient, and simple. 

If you are a company that is trying to improve its pre-employment health test procedure, Wolfe can help. Now might be the right time to use oral fluid testing in your hiring process. Conventional methods are more time-consuming and more complex. The oral fluid test we offer comes with a simple collection process. So adapting it to your hiring process won’t be a problem. You’ll be glad to know that detection could be as soon as 24 hours after drug use. And above all, you are assured that the results are free from tampering. 

There are certainly a lot of advantages when you go for oral fluid testing. However, before making that decision, you should consult with a company in this type of business for several years to find out more. Call us now to discuss your business needs and the best drug testing method for your company. We will take the time to get to know your occupational health needs for your company to serve you as a client better. Our team of professionals offers a variety of drug testing as well as other human resource services such as criminal record screen and verification services.

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