Relationships Matter

Every company in this business wants to provide drug testing and background screening solutions to employers. When Jim Wolfe founded Wolfe Inc. in the 1980s he wanted that too. He’d worked in HR and recognized the need for a service to test samples and manage all the little details of a drug testing program. “It had to be a hassle-free experience or we weren’t really solving a problem,” said Jim.

But his vision went beyond the service he wanted to provide to the kind of company he wanted to create. “I wanted this company to be different, to allow the employees to feel ownership for it. One thing I knew, they shouldn’t need a manager’s permission to make a decision.” He also knew from experience that his commitment to his employees had to match theirs to him. “I often joke that my family wasn’t big enough so I created Wolfe Inc. to make it bigger.”

“It’s all about relationships,” Jim said. “Our relationships within the company set the tone for the relationships we have with our clients. It’s why our employees are as loyal as they are; so many of them have been here for ten years or more. It’s also why we have so many loyal, long-term clients. It’s why the flooding caused by Hurricane Frances didn’t shut us down for good. Our lab shut down for 6 months until we could relocate to our present location. Because of our commitments to each other here, no one was laid off and we kept the business alive. It’s a great example of who we are and what matters to everyone here at Wolfe.”

Our staff is knowledgeable, and our services provide employers with some peace of mind. But beyond all of that, at Wolfe, relationships matter.

Jim Wolfe


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