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Do Your Hiring Guidelines Violate the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?

Discrimination against older workers is illegal.  Including an age range or discouraging older workers in a job posting is blatant discrimination and I doubt any of you would do that. Yet there are companies that use hiring guidelines that show a clear preference for younger candidates and these too can be considered a violation of […]

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Case Study: Did UPS Violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

The Case A driver named Peggy Young sued the United Parcel Service for suspending both her job and her health insurance during her pregnancy. She contends her employer violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, passed in 1978 after the Supreme Court ruled that company’s who didn’t include pregnancy in their disability plans were not discriminating based […]

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Case Study: Medical Marijuana and the ADA in Illinois.

  The legalization of marijuana in some states and the legalization of medical marijuana in others has created a complex legal issue for companies across the country. An article in a recent issue of the National Law Review looks at Illinois, a state where use of medical marijuana is protected if prescribed by a physician, […]

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