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All of the chatter about the legalization of marijuana…..

All of the chatter about the legalization of marijuana…. Well, everyone seems to be talking about the recent legalization of marijuana.  Some say yes, some say no.  The fact is that employers have the right and/or choice to allow or disallow testing.   Click here (Marijuana stands firmly between employers and potential workers | DailyComet.com) to […]

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Are YOU responsible for Keeping Us Safe?

 How did you get to work today? Maybe you rode a bicycle, motorcycle, bus or a car.  You know the roads are clogged with vehicles of every type and we assume people will drive safely. Of course, everyone knows that is not necessarily the truth. Some drivers are dangerous. But what can you do about […]

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Drug testing can save you big on workers compensation

Implementing post-accident and random drug testing programs in your workplace can help you achieve more than a safe, drug-free workplace. It can also save you big money in workers compensation claims. It might even save your business. According to the article “Drug Testing Can Make You Money” by W.J. Judge, JD, LL.M. of the Center […]

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