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Should I search Nationwide, States, or Counties during a background screen?

The topic of which level of background screen is best, comes up almost daily with clients at Wolfe Inc. All too often, companies think a federal background check would encompass an individual’s entire criminal history which isn’t completely true. A federal background check would turn up only federal crimes which are those charged by the […]

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Oral Fluid Drug Testing

A simple solution for a complex world With an estimated 10 million to 12 million drug users in the workplace, drug testing is crucial to maintaining a drug-free workplace. The US Department of Labor estimates that between $129 billion and $180 billion dollars are lost yearly due to productivity loses from drug use. Drug users […]

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Background Screening Services Available at Wolfe Inc.

What search is best for my company? With so many different background screening options available, we wanted to take some time to go over the most commonly used services we offer at Wolfe Inc. First is a social security trace with is verified based upon the applicant’s social security number for all alias names and past address […]

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