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Sexual Abuse in USA Gymnastics

Over the past year, I’ve written several posts about sexual abuse in schools.  There’s no reason a school should hire someone who hasn’t had their background screened, to work with children. The same goes for anyone, in any industry, who works with kids. Giving someone that kind of responsibility, with that kind of authority, requires […]

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Sexual Misconduct: Stop “Passing the Trash”

For decades, when teachers were removed from schools for sexual misconduct they were allowed to quietly move on to the next school and resume their teaching careers. It is a practice so common it was referred to as “passing the trash.” This month Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite Connecticut boarding school, released a report that […]

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Sexual Abuse in Schools Can Be Prevented

  I’ve written a series of posts about sexual abuse in both public and private schools. It’s something I think about now as I send my own son back to school at the end of this month. He is in someone else’s hands for 7 hours a day and I have to believe that the […]

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