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Synthetic Drugs – A Problem on the Rise

On July 25, 2012 USA Today published an article about a nationwide crackdown involving synthetic drugs.  The article (linked below) details how authorities conducted a raid on businesses across the United States that were suspected of selling these items. We recently asked Dr. John Fisher, Scientific Director of Keystone Laboratories and Director for the Alabama […]

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Testing for synthetic cannabinoids now available at a reasonable price

In the April newsletter, we told you  about alternatives to marijuana being sold in smoke shops around the country as a legal high. Since then many articles in the national and local media have followed up. Some states have or are currently considering making these synthetic cannabinoids illegal. Recently an article in the Wall Street […]

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It’s time to be proactive about new alternatives to marijuana

Sold in head shops and on the Internet with claims of being legal and safe alternatives to marijuana, new products known as K2, fake weed and spice incense have been discovered by substance abusers as ways to get around pre-employment and random drug tests for marijuana. Containing a synthetic cannabinoid called JWH018 that mimics the […]

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