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Air Traffic Controllers are not being drug tested due to Government Shutdown

We are all aware that we are in the midst of a Government Shutdown.  How does this effect Department of Transportation employees?  According to the “Operations During a Lapse in Annual Appropriations” employee drug testing is listed under the “Summary of Suspended Activities”.   Air traffic controllers are considered Department of Transportation Employees.  This is a […]

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Testing for synthetic cannabinoids now available at a reasonable price

In the April newsletter, we told you  about alternatives to marijuana being sold in smoke shops around the country as a legal high. Since then many articles in the national and local media have followed up. Some states have or are currently considering making these synthetic cannabinoids illegal. Recently an article in the Wall Street […]

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Oral fluid has many advantages over urine in drug testing

Using oral fluid for drug testing is quickly becoming the preferred method for employers over taking urine samples because the sample is easy to collect, the process is observable and difficult to adulterate (no time alone in a bathroom), and oral fluid is highly effective at showing recent drug intake. By eliminating the need to […]

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