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The Role of Drug Testing in Preventing Workplace Accidents and Injuries

The Role of Drug Testing in the Workplace

The role of drug testing in preventing workplace accidents and injuries is an important topic for any business to consider. Drug testing can quickly and accurately determine drug use in hiring employees, as well as provide a healthier and safer work environment for all existing employees. Performing periodic drug tests can also help employers prevent legal and medical issues caused by drug use.

When facing a drug test at work, it is crucial to understand what is expected of you during the process and the potential consequences of failing the test. Most companies provide their employees with clear instructions on how to prepare for the test. Furthermore, it is important to read them carefully before signing anything. You will want to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your HR representative during preparation time to address any issues beforehand.

To ensure success while taking a drug test, drink plenty of water leading up to the test to remain hydrated. However, don’t drink so much that you are flushing your system and increasing the water in your urine sample. The advanced technology used today for drug testing can sense that and will kick the sample out as an error. This can lead to consequences with your employer. Also, refrain from consuming any substances that could potentially alter results. Of course, you should refrain from using any drugs or alcohol to prevent a positive outcome.

It is also essential to bear in mind the potential consequences of failing a drug test, which could include suspension, termination of employment, criminal charges, and more.

Types of Drug Testing

There are two standard practices for drug testing, which is the pre-employment and post-employment testing. These two tests are exactly what they sound like. However, post-employment testing could be in the form of randomized drug testing and periodic drug testing. Random drug testing is to ensure that employees are maintaining their drug and alcohol-free lifestyle by randomly testing certain employees. This type of testing should be outlined in your policies so that the employees chosen don’t feel discriminated against. Furthermore, you should have in your policy that you can randomly drug test anyone that you feel may be under the influence. This will cover the business of liability, should there be any issue.

Another post-employment drug test is a scheduled annual, bi-annual, or yearly drug test. This is very common in many industries. For example, the transportation industry needs to follow the guidelines set by DOT. These tests often come with protocols that Wolfe Inc is very familiar with.

What Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace

There are several benefits of drug testing for the workplace. It is an effective way to improve employee productivity and job performance. It also reduces overall expenses from workers’ compensation claims. This includes fewer job injuries or lost time due to a leave of absence. The costs associated with using a reliable service like Wolfe Inc. are minimal compared to the amount of money businesses save from drug testing their employees.

Drug testing in the workplace secures employees’ safety by ensuring that those under the influence cannot cause an accident or injury while on the job. Furthermore, it saves money for businesses by reducing insurance costs. It also protects them from potential liability issues related to substance abuse within their organization. At Wolfe Inc., we provide instant urine tests as well as lab-based tests which cover a variety of drugs, including cannabinoids (THC), amphetamines (methamphetamine/ecstasy), cocaine metabolites (crack/cocaine), opiates (heroin/morphine), benzodiazepines (Valium/Xanax) barbiturates (Phenobarbital), alcohols (ethyl alcohol) & other drugs commonly abused.

Exploring the Benefits of Drug Testing to Save Money for Businesses

Many businesses don’t think about how drug testing can really save money for their business. While the testing is affordable, it can add up when we are talking about 1000s of employees a year. However, without the testing, businesses would face much higher expenses due to overturns in employees, more accidents, and more things that would require disciplinary action. Work, drugs, and alcohol are not a good combination, as they lead to many issues.

You don’t have to deal with as many no-call, no-shows when you have a drug-free workforce. As people who use and abuse drugs and alcohol tend not to be as responsible as those that don’t. These absences are costing the business money by decreasing overall productivity. Furthermore, other employees are noticing that you have some employees that are not pulling their weight. They also, most likely, know why. This can lead to lower morale overall and a bad look for the company. When you implement drug testing into your business, you will avoid all of this, saving your money and improving overall morale.

Furthermore, when people are using drugs and alcohol, it is a given there will be more mistakes. These substances don’t have a place in the workforce. These mistakes will lead to injury, workman’s comp, and more. That’s why it’s so important that employers have a drug testing policy in place. This prevents so much cost to the business in so many areas. When there are more accidents and injuries on the job, the insurance goes up, the workforce is down people, and there is a disruption in productivity. 

The Role in Drug Testing for Businesses 

Drug testing plays a crucial role in preventing workplace accidents and injuries. Drug testing has many benefits for the workplace, including improved productivity and job performance, as well as reduced expenses due to workers’ compensation claims. Businesses can save time and money by using a reliable service like Wolfe Inc. while ensuring accuracy and reliability. Though implementing a comprehensive drug test policy is not easy, employers can ensure its success by educating their staff about potential consequences if they fail the tests or fail to follow company policies. If you should have questions on where to start for creating company policies, Wolfe Inc can assist with that, too, as we offer HR services as well as drug screening for our clients. Call 800-230-2991 now for more information. 

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