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Verification Services

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The Importance of Verification Services

Verification Services

When hiring a candidate, the position may have stringent requirements for employment experience and industry specific qualifications. These qualifications are vital for determining the right applicant for the job, which is why it’s important to confirm an applicant’s education history, employment history, and additional qualifications. Wolfe’s verification services can help give your organization confidence that your applicant has all of the experience and skills required for the position. 

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Verification Services

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Wolfe Inc. is PBSA accredited! This means that the PBSA, the Professional Background Screening Association, has awarded us for our excellence in the background screening industry. PBSA-certified companies demonstrate only the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and accuracy within the background screening industry. Overall, with Wolfe Inc. being PBSA-certified, you can rest assured that you’ve partnered with a trustworthy and reputable organization!

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Why Wolfe for Verification Services?

Wolfe’s verification services will help your company avoid any potential risk by confirming that your applicant has the qualifications and experience that they claim to have. We understand that information provided by the applicant may be inaccurate or incomplete, which can be difficult for confirming their prior history. For this reason, Wolfe has a dedicated and qualified research team to ensure the quality and accuracy of our verification services. Verification services include:

Wolfe's Comprehensive Verification Services

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DOT Drug & Alcohol Verification

DOT drug and alcohol verification is a critical component of ensuring safety and compliance in various industries, especially those involving...

DOT Employment Verification

DOT employment verification is a critical aspect of ensuring that employees meet the necessary qualifications and requirements for...

Education Verification

Education verification is a crucial step in the hiring process, as it ensures that candidates possess the educational qualifications they claim.

Employment Verification

Employment verification is a critical component of the hiring process that helps employers confirm a candidate's work history and credentials.

Professional License Verification (Occupational License)

Professional license verification is a crucial step in the hiring process for roles that require specific...

Professional Reference Check Report

Professional reference check reports play a crucial role in the hiring process, offering valuable insights into a candidate's past performance, work ethic...

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4th of July Closure Notice
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