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Verification Services

Get The Verification Services That Help You With Your Hiring Process

Are you looking for employee verification services? New hiring can become a challenge for any organization. Furthermore, new candidates can lie about their previous employment, education, or even background. Furthermore, when a business is able to conduct the verification of the employee, the risk of hiring the wrong employee gets eliminated. As an employer, you will be able to uncover the thorough employment history of the candidate. This is where you need the best verification services.

Although several companies offer verification services, Wolfe is at the top of the list. We not only help with the previous jobs and the applicants’ experience but also protect your business. Because of negligent hiring, transgressions and accidents have become common. This can put a company at risk of a lawsuit. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with an accurate, timely, and cost-effective verification process. This will allow you to make the right hiring decisions. We offer complete solutions for verifications of educational qualifications, past employment, references, and credit reports.

Why is it Important to Verify the Candidate's History?

If the individual is qualified, then there shouldn’t be any reason to stretch the truth. They can give false information about their work experience or background. Going for the wrong individual can cost a company dearly. That is why verification services are essential to know the history and background of the employee. Experienced employers are aware of the fact that hiring someone who is not a good fit can be bad for the morale of other employees and the company.

Although many people lie about their experiences, there are many who may hide the reason behind their dismissal from the previous company. It is important for you to know whether they have been fired because of criminal behavior or being violent. As an employer, you are liable to ensure the safety of the workers. If you skip the verification process, then you may have a tag of negligent hiring.

Wolfe Employment Verification Options:

Previous Employment Verification

We work directly with the company through our previous employment verification service to complete the verification process. Furthermore, we contact the desired company and asked to verify the past employment. In response, the company contacts all the relevant members of the team. This allows us to gather the required information. When the necessary information is requested, we submit this information directly to the company that is requesting the verification.

Education Verification

Another way of lowering the chances of bad hiring is to go for education verification when conducting background checks. Wolfe, Inc. helps you ensure that you are investing in a candidate that is perfect for the job. The full academic history of the applicant is confirmed through our education verification services. It includes high school diplomas, GED, and college degrees. Verification of the education of the applicant is always an important step in the pre-employment background check process.

Credit Report

Normally the employer conducts the interview, looks for the candidate’s background, and even takes a drug test. Credit checks are as important because these can give signs of financial problems that the potential candidate may have. Wolfe, Inc. helps employers by looking into the red flags. These include excessive debt, late payments, and even a poor financial history. In the end, the results are compiled and sent to the employer. So, after the credit report, the employer can rescind the job offer if they find the report to be unsatisfactory.

Reference Verification

Employers typically do their own reference verification. But the process can be time-consuming. Our team of professionals reduces your workload by contacting the reference. We ask a series of questions. These questions consist of asking about the general reputation, soft skills, and character of the applicant. One cannot get this information through employment verification. This way, our team brings a realistic assessment of the candidate.  

Get the Best Verification Services with Wolfe. Inc

Having pre-employment verification can be excellent for the company as well as the candidate because if the new hire is unqualified, then the company will not be able to succeed. This puts the future of the company at risk. There are several different ways through which Wolfe can help you with the verification process. This includes education verification, employment verification, license check, credit report, etc. This way, you can protect your business and workers. This will help you find the right candidate by conducting rigorous background verification.

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How do Our Verification Services Help You?

You Get to Know Candidate’s Experience

Some candidates like to stretch the truth. Therefore, they may not tell the truth about their relevant field. If a company advertises a position needing a minimum of five-year experience and the candidate has only three, they may still apply. However, they will lie about it in the application. Through employment history verification, Wolfe, Inc. is able to look into the actual years of experience that the candidate has. Furthermore, this will give the correct information to the company. This allows the company to make an informed decision based on the information gathered.

Whether or not the Candidate is Exaggerating About the Previous Job

By getting information through the history verification process, you know where the candidate was working and where they weren’t. This allows you to spot lies and inconsistencies. This way, the HR department of a company can easily come to a conclusion about whether the candidate can meet the criteria and has the skills or not. If a person has nothing to hide, they would never lie about a previous experience.

You Get a Long-term Outcome

The most time-consuming and costly investments for any company are hiring and recruitment. These investments can be protected by getting help from the best verification services, like Wolfe, Inc. Furthermore, this allows the company to make the best decision with all the available information. The verification process will enable you to have all information about the candidate. This helps you make an informed decision. This is important when it is about senior or management-level posts.