Wolfe Inc. Debuts New HRIS Software

Wolfe Inc. Debuts New HRIS software For the Benefit of Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Wolfe Inc., headquartered out of Concord, NC with offices across North Carolina, announced today that their multidisciplinary software, WolfeOne, has expanded to now include HRIS functionality for HR departments. Wolfe was recently awarded its PBSA accreditation in background screening, becoming one of only 10 percent of background screening companies in the United States to hold this distinction. Wolfe also provides drug testing and a suite of hiring and retention tools to businesses across the country.

WolfeOne is an intuitive platform that streamlines, organizes, and alerts our clients about their employee documents so that they never miss an expiration date. Included in WolfeOne is the scheduling of drug testing and background screening as well as integration with a company’s ATS/HRIS system. With WolfeOne’s expanded HRIS functionality, clients can now confidently document and store employee information.

“WolfeOne’s HRIS features were deliberately designed for the HR person who bears the sole responsibility of employee documentation at their organization” said Jim Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe Inc. “We believe in providing our clients attentive and quality customer service. Wolfe serves many small and midsize employers across the U.S. and has listened to their feedback in adding an HRIS service so that WolfeOne can truly be an all-in-one software that assist the HR professional in saving valuable time.”

With WolfeONE’s newly added features, businesses can now record the employee’s lifecycle through recording their salary information, start date, and end date while also uploading any supporting documentation for that employee.

An added benefit to utilizing WolfeOne for businesses is access to top-of-the-line customer service through our dedicated support team that is readily available to assist businesses with any questions they may have. WolfeOne also comes with attractive pricing to ensure your company is not breaking the bank on this service.

About Wolfe Inc.

Wolfe offers hiring and retention services to our clients that includes PBSA and FCRA-compliant background screening, DOT and non-DOT drug testing, online document storage and management, and integration opportunities. With our 37 years of experience, our attentive customer service and multidisciplinary software allows your business to hire and retain the best employees with confidence while taking guesswork and stress out of employee retention. For more information, visit www.wolfeinc.com.